Be aware * Be Free * Be Focused * Be Present * Be Happy * Be Confident * Be Positive

Psychosomatic Therapy is a journey of one’s Body, Mind and Spirit as it is interconnected as ONE and unites heart centered PRESENCE in your human form.

This work is part of the Psychosomatic Therapeutic aspect in facilitating the release of trapped energy stored within the cells in your body.  The emotional anatomy and/or chakra systems.

Body Mind Analysis (BMA) is a process of documenting observations of a visual assessment where all parts of the body are looked at in how they make up the whole person.

The Breath of Life – Ka Huna Bodywork is a passage that has ability to bring forth an awareness within your body, mind and soul.

One of the greatest Reiki healing health benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the bodies natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains health.

Melanie facilitates integrative workshops, provides sacred SOUL paintings, intuitive artworks, Guide drawings/paintings, readings, composing intuition with art.

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