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A deep dive into the Underworld.

This was a meditative soul work, shamanic medicine drum journey entered into so as to meet my power animal. I have been very surprised to see that this was nothing I could have predicted as I fully immersed myself and tuned into the beating of the drum. I could feel it reverberating through my body as I connected with my breath, so as to be completely present.

Firstly I could hear a soft humming sound which became a louder buzzing sound, and I began making a vibrating sound with my mouth that actually really tickled my lips and tongue. (The Mouth/lips – is the sacral chakra of the face, relating to the taste of life) and I feel so very apt that this sound emanated from me, resulting in this sensation.

Then I saw a BEE in my minds eye vision. I asked the bee if it was my power animal and it seemed like it was unsure as I didn’t receive a clear answer, so I asked why it was here with me, to which it replied, “To remind you of the sweetness, the nectar of life, the coding, structure and sacred geometry sustaining life, and that this is the hidden wisdom from the depths of the hive”. What then became clear to my vision as the bee flew down toward my feet as I walked through the underworld, was to then see my feet morph into and from my own footsteps, become the feet/legs of a dark leopard, that seemed to be leading me. I asked where we were going, and was told to enjoy the silence for there I will find my answers. That to me means, more time in meditation and solitude. So I beckoned to my inner wisdom to reveal to me in the silence I as I listened with every fibre of my being.

Back to the Bee, and the messages that are uncovered are that there are traits that a bee can easily copy. Bee connects to the heart of the Bee people, the Bee is a symbol that I am of the BEE people. Who receive higher wisdom through dreams and vision. This is so true for me, for as long as I can recall, it is in my dreams that I receive my downloads or through visions. The Bee is a member of a colony and social structure in that has duties to serve for the greater good of all life. I love to work in groups, but also love to be on my own. Bees create the sweetness in life. The delicious nectar they work so hard to produce is the honey. The message is to prioritise my dreams and that with a busy nature, working with community much can be accomplished through hard work and collaboration. Bee has the ability to work hard to complete any task. Bee is a reminder to celebrate the little things in life. With a generosity and a love to share the bounty. However, one should not take advantage of the Bee people and their hearts generosity for weakness. Their support doesn’t make them docile. They love personal space, so do not intrude, trespass or walkover the Bee people as they will fight back even if it means the death of them. (sting).

Bee energy gives all they have got and will work hard or put up a huge fight in the process to accomplish it, even if it means they face their mortality as they connect us with the Divine world.

To meet the BEE in vision is an emblem of positivity. Their attributes include creativity, wealth and bliss and overall good fortune. This is to harvest the fruits of labour and can also mean they need the help of community. To work as a team to protect or birth the jewel (vision – Queen). Without the queen there is no hive and vice versa so do not fear to ask for help. Which I believe is why I do love working with groups of people as well, though very much do love solitude.

There is definitely something in seeing the Leopard/Jaguar feet that continued on from my footsteps to walk before me, leading the way in the underworld. I discovered that the Mayan call the Jaguar, ‘Jaguar Sun’- The Earth Father, who holds authority over the sacred power of and in the Earth, and the animals who live upon it. ‘Jaguar Sun’ is the force that lives in the mountains, giving them their sacred power, the volcanic and transformative power which is the same as the underworld source energy. The power contained in the ‘Jaguar Sun’ is symbolic for knowing when solitude is required to obtain/stalk dreams.

I also discovered that Jaguars, Leopards, Panthers are ancient powerful power animals, that embody aggressiveness and power but without the influence of solar energy. Their power especially Black Panther, comes from Lunar (moon). Which is the energy and the darkness of the underworld. This is quite interesting as on another spiritual journey I was gifted my spirit name, which is Mele Luna. This means song moon, to sing to the moon and therein I will receive wisdom. The inner sanctuary within, the stillness, solitude, and silence that can reveal what is lurking deep in the shadows, possessing an ability to multi task as these BIG POWER CATS see in the dark and the Light also. These people tend to be good at command of language but have a capacity to rip shreds off with words also. So it is imperative to learn to master communication. Entering into the underworld also helps to open up latent psychic abilities and sight. Retreat and isolation is so very important (cave-time) for expansion in soul work and to be near bodies of fresh water. Another love of mine, is to be deeply immersed in a body of water.

So these people enjoy solitude, or alone time which is very much true for me. Other messages from dark Leopard is to pace work, skills that can be developed through deep soul work by deeply listening are clairaudience, communications from other life forms (realms) and dimensions. I am to trust my thoughts, feelings, instincts, intuition, dreams and inner visions and dedicate more time to this.

To go within is to face the fears of the shadows, release those fears, heal the emotions and awake inner sight/gifts. So I shall follow the lead of this power animal Dark Leopard who will be my guide through the underworld where the secrets of my life and all life, the form/formless and creation is to be discovered.

This was an incredible journey and if anyone is wanting to journey deeper into themselves then I highly recommend meditation, but shamanic drum journeys are so potent. It is so very helpful to study oneself as what unfolds are the gems that only you discover for yourself, by yourself so as to know more of who you truly are by doing this deep soul work.

By Melanie Hughes


Last year in an amazing reading I had with Claire Roe it came about as confirmation to what I had been needing/wanting/calling in, to ask for and have the support of with a mentor. I had no idea until this year who that would be. It was actually a person I have been following since 2017. Her name is Avalon Darnesh from Blossoming Woman. She came in for me at the perfect time with her gifts that she offers to the world. She is an amazing woman who is all about sharing and helping women to discover who they be in the world, specialising in women’s wellness and thriving, not shying away from the shadow work. This is where the growth is.

Its not all shiny stars, mung beans and rainbows, the growth is when we lean right into the edges and deep dive into the depths of our own darkness. Of course as well as celebrating and living a life of abundance.

Experiences similar to this is part of what I have to offer through the collaboration with Susan Eywa, at Sage Sister Society and our Creative Connection Moon Circles. It is about celebrating all of the things that come with being human but also to learn to face our fears and do it together with the support in sacred space with other women as a community.

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