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Yesterday I had the most amazing craniosacral session facilitated by Katie Smith from Soul Rising.

Seriously do not hestitate to book with this incredible lady because before long she will be booked to the hilt.

The awareness that flowed through my body was incredible.
The energy moving through brother chakras and aligning the energy within me, to then flow through sister chakras, to only then illuminate ALL in balance, was such a phenomenal experience to witness within my BEING.
I felt my energy expand out into the universe.
I felt the wisdom and knowledge of ALL in my bodies cells and all around me.
I was literally vibrating in oneness.
When the energy surged through me, I instinctively moved my hands to where the energy was vibrating in my body, I was melding into the flow of this Source.
When it hit my solar plexus chakra, the enormity of the energy I felt was so huge and powerful I actually felt like I took off like a rocket.
It was such an incredible experience and like nothing I have ever felt before.
It was a realization or coming home to myself, to recognize how powerful I am in totality but in harmony and union, wholeness with the universe.
I had a little time in space to adapt to these wonderful, and newly aligned vibrations within my etheric and earth plane systems.
I felt like I was so light and yet so connected with the earth and all and everything around me.

My dreams after this were absolutely brilliant.
They were like a story book, vivid, clear and bright.
I dreamt of collecting apples.
Beautiful fresh crisp deliciously sweet apples from the trees.
I then bought them to my car which was a camper van by an enormous square park that felt very spacious, green and comfortable.
As I was approaching my car I came across a gorgeous snake that was blue and grey striped. He was gorgeous and I felt such a loving connection with it.  It hissed at me as if to confirm the feeling and though to others who were around it could have sounded menacing, I had a knowing, that it was communicating and letting me know we shared the space in union.  I put the apples down beside it as an offering of respect and acknowledgment that I understood and knew that this is also it’s home. The snake seemed to accpet and respect my showing it that I would be patient and give it space and that this feeling was being mirrored.
I dreamt of some close friends as well. Two of my cousins and a beautiful primary school friend, one I have known since I was 11. We were going to meet up at a restaurant and all were catching a bus. I missed the bus so then decided to take my car. I didn’t have the address though, so I tried calling my cousin and the phone dropped out before I could get the address. Then he phoned the place I was meant to be at ( I was already at the meeting point ) and gave me the residence address.
I was then morphed into the snow in a place that I had moved into. At this point, I felt content but also to some degree, I felt iced out.
At first I felt very calm and then when I had to put my belongings away and there was no cupboard space in the room I was in, the hurt wanted to release so I screamed in frustration.
Though I felt immensely loved and very supported by the people around me. It was an interesting feeling indeed as I knew that whatever i experienced that it would be met with love and support. This was backed up by this beautiful primary school friend as she gazed steadily into my eyes, expressing immense love and a deeply soul connected awareness.
I love the messages this dream presented to me.
What do you love about your dreams?
What are the subliminal messages conveyed to you through your dreams?
Feel free to comment and share as I would love to hear what your experiences are.

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