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How do you acknowledge your love for your self?Love note







A little while ago in the midst of a program that involved huge amounts of self love, I was encouraged to write myself a letter.

I recently received said letter and wow!!!

The reflection has shown me so much.  The most profound being, how powerful it is to live in the present moment but more so do it with so much gusto and lack of fear. Acknowledging myself for how I perceive myself to be and read about it months later, reminded me again of the importance of self fulfilling love.

Therefore I am going to share with you what I wrote to myself because for as long as I know this is extremely personal and baring of my heart to all, in doing so allows me to see another part of me that you may resonate with or not.

Im guessing though, if you have read to this point, you are interested in what I have to say/share.

My Love Letter

Dearest Melanie, beautiful love child of this gorgeous earth.

Thank you for remembering to honour your Soul.  For allowing yourself the time to unfold in the truth of what you are.  The Divine! Melanie, I am a delightful Beacon of Light! I love everything about me, Melanie.  I have luscious long and thick auburn hair and radiant green eyes, the window to my heart and Divine Soul.  I enrich the lives of many and I am inspiring.  I have bountiful talents and riches of abundant love.  I am full and whole, complete and perfect as I am.  I am highly creative and powerful.  Melanie, look at all of your wonderful and not so wonderful lessons and achievements that you have survived and learnt by to refine yourself.  I have come so far.  40 years earth side with many graces and dark moments.  These have all attributed to the expansion of my Soul.  Many, many, many, many, many miracles and obstacles that I have created to live through in each and every breathing moment.  I am grateful for every single one of them.  The good, the bad and the ugly as it is a pendulum swinging and I constantly find myself showing up.

Melanie, you, I am, all amazing, giving, receiving, loving, lovable, with a kind nurturing heart. Which I extend out to all of Mother Earth.  I am a magnificent child of the universe.

Always rememeber and pay homage for this gift of life, for who you truly are is a shining bright beacon of love and light that extends and reaches out into the light within the darkness.  I love every part of ME, every expression of who I am.  For I am Melanie, but which is a name I am only a vibration of, for I simply am…..I am !

Thank you beautiful love child.

My dreams are as real as an illusion and are in formation as I create them into existence.

My dreams and desires are here, NOW!

I am an owner at One and in unity with the land and all in form, seen and unseen, as I vibrate in wellness and harmony, honouring the sacredness of this miracle of life that I AM!

I love You!

I love Me!

The end

I do hope you enjoyed reading this.

Feel free to share and or give it a go!

Write yourself a love note, place it in a sealed, stamped, self addressed envelope and give it a trusted friend to post to you in three months, six months or even a year.

It will be interesting to see where you are at in the present moment when you receive your love letter from the past.

Give this a go and please share with me your experience.

Please feel open to share, be honest, kind and loving with your comments, thoughts or feelings.

Love Melanie xoxooxox

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