Mars Retrograde
Mars retrograde

Mars Retrograde I recently read a post that I felt that I’d like to share with you, as it is potentially information that could help you. It may be a little late, who knows? The inspiration for it came NOW. You … Continue reading

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When I discover things I want to know more about it also leads me to want to sure especially when I find the meaning so relevant to my life and ways of being. I discovered this word through a friend … Continue reading

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Ka Huna

If you are wanting to experience this beautiful ancient Hawaiian practice, this just may entice that you little bit more. I have almost completed my training with High Spirits Retreat – Mette’s Institute. Level 6 & 7 will be achieved … Continue reading

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Be Gentle

Soft Hearted Compassion for Self Be gentle Do you ever question how you treat yourself? Are you kind, soft and affirmative in how you speak to yourself? When you are feeling raw pain of emotion, do you choose to sit … Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

FLIGHT OF THE NAVIGATOR Part of a dream I had last night was very beautiful and symbolic in so many ways. I was watching two humanoid machines beat each other up. Good vs evil. The evil one actually did some … Continue reading

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Relationships – Connections – Reflections of Self I wrote this two weeks prior to my website launch date and really felt like I wanted to share this with you. These wonderful thoughts greeted me as I was out on a … Continue reading

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Intuitive Living – Inspired by The Little Sage Ask my Spiritual Soul Source for a theme for the month. I chose to go to my random deck of cards which is a blend of all my spares and cards I … Continue reading

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Melanie Hughes

Today is the day.  Introducing you to the face of me on the world wide web as a practitioner/artist and teacher. I would like to give a huge thanks to my beautiful friend Simon for recording and editing some exciting stuff … Continue reading

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