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Now is the moment of power

At the beginning, stepping in can sometimes prove to be really challenging as much as can be any moment during the journey.
The journey I embark and have dived into today is a detoxification fast following the Living Mucous Free protocol. I have done a few of these last year and know the cleansing power that is the outcome of committing to fasting.
Today I break my fast with a kidney cleanse tea that has ingredients:- buchu, calendular, juniper berries, uva ursi, cornsilk, horsetail, and nettle. It is absolutely delicious and I prayed over it before I consumed it, as I have also done with my grape juice. I am contemplating at this point whether I have a salad this evening, which will ease me into a full day of fasting tomorrow, or whether I just stick with the juice and wade it out until bedtime tonight.
I have been resisting fasting for the past 8 months, which was when I did my last fast. That one was a 12 day commitment. I completely trust and have faith that now is the perfect time to be doing this and almost brings me to a year from when I did my first major (but second) fast of 24 days (the aim was 40).
I have not set a limit for this one, as I am simply feeling into it.

So far so good. I am about to have some magic pudding to assist in sweeping the bowels, so that deep cellular healing can occur during the fasting period, as this will be the last thing I have, before doing an enema.

I am feeling a little tired and in need of some profound biological repair.

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