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lotus flower choice

It’s up to you to create the change you desire.
Only you can make that ultimate choice.

It the little things in life or potentially huge that create growth but most of all the change comes from making the choice of how you respond.
A lot of the time we tune into our feelings and allow ourselves (make a choice) to go with the flow of what we are feeling inside.

Here is a quote I came across today that I felt I needed to share (choice) because of what it stirred up within me.

“If it’s not here, you’re not letting it in. The Universe is not holding it back from you.  Reread the book.  You’ll get more each time.  Don’t keep asking for it repeatedly – that adds resistance. Just ask for release of resistance, and let go.” Lola Jones

So at the point that I saw this quote, I was asking myself why I was unable to retain memory of what it is that I study or want to make a point of learning so it is locked in my knowledgeable brain bank.

Immediately my question was answered.  And it is so simple.  It comes specifically down to me making a choice.

I am grateful to have it affirmed.  Sometimes I love that I receive these little signs, nudges and reminders because ultimately I know, as do we all know, what it is that is holding us back from something that we want and it is simply ‘me, you, I, ourselves, making the choice to be the road block to moving through and forward, with momentum that is creative, positive and conducive to our inevitable growth and evolution.  Our Souls are hungry for this.

If change is what you are after than make that choice.  Are you sitting on the fence?
Sometimes it may seem so scary, but this is part of you that is resisting.

“That which you resist, will persist.”  Perpetuate and keep arising for you, to the point that it eventually becomes a block in your vibration.  Which in turn then manifests in to dis-ease.

Once you acknowledge that a choice is available to you and you step forward into creating the change, which takes facing fear, which is what usually arises when we meet with change, then make a commitment to follow through with that choice but know that change is inevitable too.  Just think of how a plant grows, flowers, blooms and then seeds and begins the cycle all over again.  Evolution is within us all and no plant, leaf or flower ever looks the same because it is unique just as you and I are.Tree of life

So make a commitment to self to allow yourself to bloom, just as the lotus flower does, and grow strong just as the tree of life does.

Another interesting thing that arose for me this morning is……
I sent my son a message pertaining information to his education, asking him a question which basically involves his commitment to change his old ways of being.

The message I noted was sent at 11:11am.

I’d like to share the meaning of these numbers that I discovered on Lola Jones website Divineopenings.

11:11 sightings are a peek through the portal into an alternate paradigm that exists side by the side with the old reality.

1111 Angel Lightworker11:11 invites you to enter that portal.

11:11 nudges you toward receiving the more specific guidance that’s waiting on the other side, just for you, far beyond the general message of “come this way” that 11:11 offers.

11:11s are an invitation to open your eyes to the miracle potential inside you.

To the invisible world you aren’t yet seeing.

11:11s are an invitation to discover the infinite power and wisdom within you that is waiting to be tapped into.

The inner joy and life fulfillment that’s possible for you

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