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The beauty way

The Divine flame that burns bright within a woman’s sacred heart is being called to the unleash itself in unbridled passion, empowerment and honouring.

Have you ever felt called to do something new, wild and completely unique to you and who you are as a woman?

Let it be known that what I offer, is exactly this – a UNIQUE experience of embodiment and honouring of your sacred temple, reflecting facets of who you truly are, through splashes of paint, design and colour. Then capturing you in this wonderful body art form with gorgeous photographs that will be a keepsake for you forever, not to mention ticking off a bucket list experience.

Dear woman, what I offer is a unique experience individually reflecting you, calling you to step in to a greater expression of yourself that comes through ultimately being quite vulnerable but empowered in the same vein. What this looks like is very different for every woman. Some love to be embellished from head to foot with full body paint, with some creativity and sparkles thrown in to accentuate a theme or overall design.
Others may like to take a more subtle approach and opt for only a torso, or upper chest/face region. Whatever your edge or facet of comfort, it truly is positively, a calling to step beyond previous measures and into grounds you may have secretly wanted to explore but not dared to dream this BIG before.

The offer is:

CREATIVE INTUITIVE DESIGN – Using inspiration from your life.
Thirty minutes liaising for design creation –
Artists impression/interpretation/style.
Will not copy another artists work.

Open and willing to liase to create individual package deals (workshops and retreats available for bookings/supply of multiple artists for larger groups)


Due to the fact, that depending on the design itself and coverage area, the time it takes, props used or made, and photography will give varying times due to the nature of detail and complexity in the design, though I do my best to work within the budgeted costs below, prices could vary slightly and or designs be simplified if working with a budget. This must be discussed and agreed upon.

FACE – Painting + photos (USB)
$295.00 – 2 hours (in person/studio location – Bellbowrie, Brisbane).

Chest/face (body painting) + photos (USB)
$395.00 – 3 hours (in person/studio location – Bellbowrie, Brisbane).

Torso/arms/face (body painting)
$495.00 – 4 hours (in person/studio location – Bellbowrie, Brisbane).

Below I share an interaction with a beautiful woman who experienced this for herself. What it showed me again is a confirmation for the importance experiences within the cycles of life.

A lesson of the impermanence in life just quite literally revealed itself to me yet again this year. Firstly, which was, time spent during the past fifteen minutes writing a post for it to just be wiped away with one single click of the fingers. 

I speak to the transience, as to what was part of this unique experience that I offer, but one that Jacque Smith claimed in her own way, in true form as to the nature of who she is in her expression and characterised by her sense of freedom, spontaneity and adventure. 

We spent a couple of hours creating this together/photographing this rainbow sequence of colour, that captures all of Jacquelyn’s uniqueness and her many facets, honouring the embodiment of who she is as a woman, as a beautiful human who if one was to describe her, would say is vibrant and unafraid to go to every edge of the rainbow.

In everything we do, we forever see nature playing out intrinsically in all that we think, say, hear, be, act, be and do and this experience, as unique as any flower, spoke to the cycles of life. The beauty in birthing, creation, honouring the phases that ceaselessly lead to death and the ongoing circle of beginning meets end. A resurrection of a new, came about, as soon as we finished photographs as the heavens opened up and the rain poured down to cleanse, purify and nourish the lands.

Jacque in her true nature embraced the moment, the elements and cycles of life, took herself out into that rain and I watched as the colours became muddied, soiled and washed away to reveal another layer of her in complete rawness, surrender, vulnerability but lightness of energy; as she raised her arms up to the sky, laughed, rejoiced and squealed in delight, relishing and being wholeheartedly present. 

What beauty it was to behold and witness, during this experience she chose for herself. As she stepped into honouring what would create the most happiest of experiences in her pledge of love for herself. 

I feel honoured that Jacqui chose to to have me be a part of this intimate initiation and ritual of marrying herself. To be body painted, photographed, and cleansed in this entire process in honour of her sacred union with herself.

A sacred marriage and honouring to oneself is a devotional union and ceremony set about by Lauren through one of her incredible programs she offers women. 

Jacque stepped across the threshold, beyond her edges, to fully embrace and own all parts of self, claiming her sovereignty to do this “marriage” in being truly and utterly uniquely herself.

She embraced the light, the dark, the cycles, reclaiming the wisdom and power of the womb well and yoni portal in connection to all in complete, wholesome, richness and full embodiment of BEing human. 

Lauren is a transformational coach and is sooo impeccably on the pulse, open, real and authentic. I have personally worked with Lauren Becker and can say without a doubt that she is the real deal and walks her talk.

She truly welcomes, sees and accepts ALL of you and WILL without a doubt take you to your edges and beyond into the realms that call to be traversed.

In the presence of Lauren, what can be felt when you look into her eyes, is a knowing inside, that every particle of your being is called to the fore to be witnessed, accepted, acknowledged, with such an open heart, filled with compassion and understanding. You will know intrinsically to the core that to step into the journey of deep soul work with Lauren, that she will be and is your biggest cheerleader, but not without calling you to into your power, face your fears, meet the darkness and challenge yourself all in the name of expansion and growth. You will ultimately be invited to show up for yourself, in full expression and embodiment of who you are as a woman. One who can only grow in strength and expand beyond her edges. To work with this incredible woman is to be completely seen, heard, honoured and felt. 

To connect with both of these women; Jacque and Lauren, is to add unquantified richness to this life. 


In order for us to reclaim our wholeness, soul and sexuality, we must speak our unspoken & claim our unclaimed.

We must be willing to traverse the unknown lands of our internal wilderness, in order to return to our innocence, truth, passion and aliveness.”

To see a beautiful compilation of the photographs, see below.

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