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This woman is such an inspiration to me, as she is to many people.

I wanted to shine a light on the fact that it takes all sorts of people to make the world go around. You don’t need to be famous, a celebrity or superstar to be a legend in this world, or to leave a legacy for humanity. It takes everyday people to make the world turn, especially those who do their best to live in service, in truth, who walk their talk to be the reflection to others, through a dedication of service in living out their passions, their true soul path. Living from the heart and doing what makes your heart sing.

I really hope you enjoy this interview, in getting to know Kim Thomas.

She is a masterful facilitator of Kahuna Bodywork and Lomi Lomi Massage though a woman of many talents. She lives her life on purpose, in her purpose for life.

I welcome any questions you may have in light of the conversation.  As a body worker myself I am more than happy to engage.

Should you wish to connect with Kim, you will find both of our details listed below.

She runs courses and teaches this soul aligned modalities and of course she does this with gusto for life, in joy.

These modalities that Kim offers are Ancient Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi massage which is a lineage massage passed on over the generations and gratefully to Mette Sorenson of Mette’s Institute whom  mentored and taught Kim. This massage style works by opening the heart using hands, breathing, rhythm and energy flow.  It opens up the body on all levels, assists in letting go of the old stagnant energy stored within to create space for new energy and love to flow in the bodies systems. Kim creates a sacred container where she provides an experience like no other in a beautiful and safe environment.

She touches and embodies the traditions of the Polynesian Culture and how they revere the planet and move with the natural rhythms in symbiosis with the Universal Laws.

Kim also offers a 3 day course that will enhance your physical and spiritual awareness by growing and developing your body, mind and connection to the spirit of your heart. You will be sure to laugh, be pampered, nurtured and treated to a few days of bliss and learning.

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Thanks for joining us for this interview.

Melanie Hughes

Embellish Your Life
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Kim Thomas
The Kahuna Connection

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