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Drum, alter, song, dance, movement.

This morning, as I sat at my alter, I clearly heard that I needed to share this with you all. As this is part of my creative project. The title above is what I received loud and clear one night upon waking from a powerful dream. This is the line or title that I didn’t really understand the meaning of until now. So begins a series of sharing, these will look different every time.

Not only are these messages for me, but I feel they are for the collective. If you resonate, great, if not, peace out!

Here I am!

This is a sharing of what I learnt, sitting in contemplation and openness to receive messages through utilising divining tools, namely my cards and the ones that spoke to me the loudest today.

When I entered my sanctuary, my healing space, my coven, I saw that I do in fact, have two spaces that I have created alters in. One which I noticed is an every day alter, the other created in dedication to me as a woman, created specifically to what it is that resonates with me. Each item placed upon it is there on purpose, with purpose and meaning.
In light of what I have shared, I have been elusive to the facts of what is my creative project, as it is clearly in the making. To have these cards come through is a strong indicator that I must continue with it and stay on path. I am being guided to remain strong and centred, in alignment to the Divine that wants to be created through me and to trust that my soul knows, and that to deny this, I am actually doing myself a disservice. The only way to be in alignment is to honour my truth. No matter what the mind wanted to highjack. I need to trust my intuition and act upon it. I had taken the first steps to embark upon this creative project and being asked to bring my awareness and focus to it as this is where the flow is.
I feel to share more on one card in particular and that is Hi’Aka, the Sorceress of Light as these cards are all so relative to each other and the overall communications of what is being transmitted. I have the sense that this card was created specifically for me. (My rational mind knows that it is for the collective and relative to many, many more of you out there). I cannot deny the relevance and symbology within the image but also the messages that come through. Hi’Aka is a Hawaiian Goddess who watches over the sacred dancers of hula, the arts of chant, sorcery and medicine. Those who know me, will understand the connection here, but not only that, she is wearing the Owl as if they are one. A  deep connection to the shadow, the darkness within the womb, the womb of the Mother; the secrets that are held within but that she brings with passion, erupting in creative flow, into the LIGHT.

She asks that we be connected with nature, to play and find the freedom and happiness within, even in this moment. The unveil the joy and happiness, the light of heart, through laughter. Do what lights you up. Trust that when we dance and celebrate the mysteries of life, that no shadow by day or night, upon this earth or within the multi faceted dimensions of our soul shall thwart us on the path to love. For we have the sacred powers to be in truth, to see through the veil, through the light of our soul, within the darkness and that in every step, is one to the direction of great success in navigating our divine destiny. I remember who I truly am through dance, movement, breath, drumming, song and creative expression. It assists in giving strength and clarity to receive the insights needed to release what no longer serves us so we can be more present in life. It is vital to utilise prayer and ceremony to ask for what it is that we need especially when we need help. Our prayers are required to anchor in the light.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you danced?

The Hi’Aka card is from the Earth Warriors Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

She shares an invocation:

“May light dance within my soul, lifting my mind from oppression and freeing my heart from restraint. May I honour my true nature and live my life with increasing honesty. May I attract endless divine love and the protection to live this gift of my life in perfect fulfilment on all levels. I am dignity. I am wild grace. I am an unrestrained being. I move in authentic truth, dancing sacred joy upon this earth.”

Upon reciting this prayer, you will know you have fully felt it from your heart as you will feel uplifted, lighter, brighter and in joy. You may even want to dance J Know that when you recite this prayer, you are building a field of sacred light around your celestial body, clearing the space within your vortex of light, that is one of divine love and protection. The more you call upon this prayer, the stronger it anchors  in the light.

Blessed Be )o( gorgeous Beings

I love you and thank you so much for reading and listening to my messages today

Here you will find the link to the video on Youtube for FAMILY, FRIENDS, FUN, FLOW, FREEDOM – Episode 1

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