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Psychosomatic Therapy Benefits

Who benefits from Psychosomatic Therapy?
People of all ages can get beneficial information from a Body-Mind Analysis.  This information supports you to seek other modalities in order to correct any problems that may be revealed.  You will always have your report to go back to as well, to see where you have made changes in any area of your life.  This has the potential to dramatically change your life.

How do I maximize the benefits of my Body-Mind Analysis session/s?
Come to a session with an open mind. Following up on suggested therapies is the best way to maximize a session.

How often should I have a Body-Mind Analysis or Emotional Release Bodywork (psychosomatic therapy) session?
Once a baseline is established, clients can choose to have periodic analyses in order to chart progress.  Regular Bodywork sessions (at least once a month) are recommended to promote continued growth.  Whether you chose a combination of the services I offer or stick with the one modality. 

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