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Here at Embellish Your Life we have a ‘Rewards and Loyalty Program’.  Please continue reading for further info.

As a client of Embellish Your Life, your well being is something Melanie cares about and she wants to encourage you to come and see her regularly to maintain your well being.  She knows full well how beneficial bodywork is and receives it regularly herself.
The regular practice of receiving body work ensures that you will continue to feel healthier, happier & have a much higher chance of remaining in a state of balance.
Prevention is much easier than cure – don’t wait until you are “broken” to see Melanie again….you choose to live your life as the creator so of course that is quite okay too.

So, come in once a month or more, and receive a 10% discount off standard service fees.

Refer a friend and when they secure a booking, you receive a 10% discount off your next booking. (Only regular clients can use in this in conjunction with their Rewards Loyalty Program.)

Please subscribe here!

Here at Embellish Your Life, we will respect your privacy and not share your details.

There will be news of events and monthly offers.  Such as workshops, useful information on maintaining your body/mind/soul, as well as specials/bonuses/prizes for subscribers.
You could  be blessed with winning wonderful opportunities like receiving fabulous FREEBIES such as Ka Huna Massage (60mins), Polyensian Floor Massage (redeemed in an addition to a booked Ka Huna Bodywork Session (60mins), Reiki sessions, Original/Prints of Melanie’s Artwork and anything else she feels like sharing with you.  Share this website with those special to you.  Who do you know that will benefit from a session with Melanie?

Mobile package offer

Can provide group bookings sessions. (Back, legs, arms and face) *great as a weekend pamper package*
Four people – ($200) at $50 for half hour each person.
Or a complete full body each (1hour) for $100 each person.
For inquiries or bookings feel welcome to email me on

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