What is Ka Huna bodywork?

Ka Huna Bodywork originated in the South Pacific and was used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage and healing system.  It is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style massage and Lomi Lomi.

This beautiful form of bodywork provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimension.

Ka Huna Bodywork is unique in a number of ways.  Melanie uses her hands, forearms and elbows and moves around the table (using flowing rhythmic Hula and Tai Chi style movements).  I work with energy to apply soft and deep tissue massage.  Music is played and Melanie attunes to the flow of the massage to harmonise the various rhythms within your body, mind and subtle energetic body.
It provides a passage that has ability to bring forth an awareness within you that broadens your understanding of yourself.  Bringing you healing on all levels that is deeply therapeutic, and relaxing at the same time.

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