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With the Sacred Grandmother Cacao – Plant Medicine

Find a sacred space where you won’t be disturbed. 

Begin by setting up an altar with sacred items, a representation of the elements, some sage, palo santo, frankincense, copal and or sacred herbs and a smudge wand/feathers. Pen, paper, oracle cards, essential oils diffusing. 

Cleanse the space using your choice of sacred herb to smudge, say an opening prayer and get your sacred cocao ready. 

Come back to your space to begin your ceremony. Begin by taking some deep cleansing breaths, releasing all the worries and stress as you let surrender with your exhale. Now you may call upon Grandmother Cocao and ask that she bless you with what it is that you need, that she open your heart to receive the wisdom that is for your highest good right now. Trust that she will give you exactly what it is that you need. 

You may like to sit in silence for a few minutes and connect with your breath and envision your heart and your energy field expanding. 

At this point you may like to connect with your deck of Oracle Cards and do a layout that resonates with you.

When you feel ready take your pen and paper to write down what it is you want to release. Write down whatever has been upsetting you or causing you pain or stress right now. It could be negative patterns or thoughts, actions, situations, experiences or something that is out of your control.

Next, on another sheet of paper, for each negative or impactful thing you wrote, come up with one thing you are grateful for that creates a positive to the negative. 

The positive can relate to people, places, or things you are grateful for. 

Continue writing on your page of positive what you are grateful for but also begin to include why and what you would like to manifest in for yourself through prayer and intention. Watch as your page begins to fill up. Begin to add colour to your page and see how vibrant it becomes. 

Really begin to feel this vibrancy in your body, as the energy flows and raises your vibration.

Once your lists are complete, take a candle outside and under the full moon, hold the piece of paper over you candle and set it alight, as you chant the words, I release what no longer serves me. If it is not possible to be outside, you can also do this over a heat-proof bowl or the sink so as not to catch anything on fire!

Let it burn completely as you release it all through purifying flames of the element of fire.

Then take hour piece of paper that has all positivity on it and out loud say, i am grateful for and deserving to receive and for……..all of the things written. 

When you have finished reading. Finish by saying, “I am blessed, I am loved, I am sovereign, I am healthy, I am powerful, I create magic, I am abundant, I am joyful, I am worthy, I am brave, I am free.”

Rellish and bask in the rays of the illuminescent Grandmother full moon. Embody the undeniable truth of these words and allow the moonlight wash over you and within you. Be still, breathe, listen and find your centre, until you feel complete and at peace. 

As you breathe deeply and feel into this present moment, thank your body for sustaining you, for being alive, for breathing, and for being here in this very moment.

Now your ritual is complete. Place your positive page on your sacred altar. 

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