Be Gentle
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Soft Hearted Compassion for Self

Be gentle

Be gentle

Do you ever question how you treat yourself?

Are you kind, soft and affirmative in how you speak to yourself?

When you are feeling raw pain of emotion, do you choose to sit with it?

Do you observe these feelings?

or do you go into a process of dialogue where you begin to challenge and question how you are feeling to a point where you may even invalidate your feelings?

When you begin to enter a dialogue of combat with self, you are creating a block within your core energy centres, namely your Solar Plexus Chakra, which relates to trust, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect, personal honour, fear and intimidation, care of oneself and others and responsibility to make decisions.

This chakra identifies with your Power (Identity of Self) in relation to the external world.

One of the most beneficial ways to process through the times where I find myself invalidating how I am feeling, I find for myself, is to be gentle and loving.  One of the best ways to come back home to feeling aligned, centred, and vibrationally strong in my core is through the implementation of meditation and/or bodywork. It is through these modalities that I am able to bring my awareness to my body and where this pain is being held within my physical being.

Being gentle with my self is not entertaining the other voice. Just being! Like in meditation. This is how it looks and feels like for me.

I also allow whatever comes up to flow without analyzing it or attempting to justify by giving it a what, why, how.

It is a challenging practice but achievable with mindfulness. Knowing that I am a living, breathing, feeling human who needs experience to learn. It is through allowing this experience to have momentum and flow, that then creates space as the stagnant energy is released.  With this change in dynamic, there is now room for the new energy to flow in.  I can recognise that when I am Being gentle it also means surrendering to what is but also doing my best to be compassionate, loving and understanding of SELF.   That damn egoistic negative mind chatter will try every which way to sneak up and pull me in without fail and that is when it is so important to recognise the power of breath. Inhaling, opening, exhaling, contracting, which leads this body of mine,  to become expansive and calm, feel alive, safe, nourished, connected and protected by being mindful of my power and strong in my sense of being myself.  It is truly about the constant flow of breath, the prana (life force energy) that sustains the Mana (power within).  Connection of life force energy with the elements of air and water, gives sustainance to blood that courses the veins of this body. Water, (oh, the gratitude I have for water) that courses and flows through this miraculous body, breathing oxygen and life into every cell so that I maintain vitality.  It is about constantly coming home to the heart, being loving, gentle and embracing self with intention and focus.

 Artwork is by me.

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