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Beat to your own drum and sing

In my decision to show up, I have re-discovered how potent and powerful my voice is.

This was actually given to me as a birth rite and over time, through life experiences, I learnt that I wasn’t safe when I used my voice, so shut it down. This also was not a conscious choice but now I see clearly through loads of healing and the path for me being revealed, that this is my truth. A gift, I have been graced with from the Great Spirit in this form.

 It always was, but I now fully understand the power in opening up my heart and this for me is through voice. To live my song, I will sing, and be the tone, vibration, frequency, sound, communication, expression that is music. It is everywhere and all around us, and I now choose to be the beauty that is singing my song.

So I share with you this, part of a song I am learning, titled “Gran Espiritu – Great Spirit”.

When I was a little girl, I would sit and sing for hours. It is the strength of my being that comes through my voice as the feeling of connection I have to the present which is why I love it so much. Such as everything just dissolves/melts through this expression of crescendo and embodiment as I journey through the emotion that it invokes within me.  I loved to sing and I love to sing. I recently also had such overwhelming bouts of gratitude for this fragmented part of myself, as that is what it became as I split off, through experiencing great trauma. I love the inner child in me and have rebirthed this particle of self.

The only time I would really sing is when no one was around until I knew I could really trust you. Just ask my family. I actually sing a lot, especially when my kids were little babies and I love to sing while driving. To the point, where my youngest would actually tell me, “No, stop it mummy”, and growl at me if I sparked up my voice again. She couldn’t escape while seat-belted in the car. I learnt to choose my moments but she has also learnt that I love to sing. What makes me smile also is that only days ago, she told me, “Mummy, I love to sing too and I only sing with you.” Writing this, allows me to see that in embracing and healing these parts of my expression will also allow her to shine and embrace her voice too.

I don’t want to hide anymore, I want to be me and do and experience the things I love so much and that is singing. I also want to share what I love because I truly believe when we diminish those aspects of ourselves, we diminish the light (love) inside. I want to ignite my light so it burns brighter and brighter. As the saying goes, “Like a moth to a flame”, I believe it will attract those of the same vibration.

Ha! Maybe I am just kidding myself, but those attracted to the light also want to do and be the same, because we all just want to experience love right?

Singing is such a powerful expression as it opens up the portal to my heart. I feel wonderful, I feel connected and it also allows me to simply be and feel my emotions and what is invoking within me. It’s a rush of dopamine that is so nourishing for the soul – music is food for the soul.

 It allows me to clear my mind, connect with my heart and feel and feed my soul.

 That has to be a great thing. #soulmedicine

Even if you dare to believe or think that you couldn’t possibly sing – do it anyway! Sing, sing, sing!
@Amanda Palmer, of the Dresdon Dolls, wrote a song about this too.

 It’s called “Sing”. Ill include the lyrics in this post.  

(This reminds me that I actually created a whole body painting around that song many years ago).

The birds sing to us every single day, reminding us of our beautiful voices. So sing your heart out my sweet pretties and sing your little ditties!

A week ago, I really claimed that I want to sing and play an instrument. I have always wanted to play guitar, and asked a sweet sister to share some songs with me. She lovingly shared some great content with me and I also did some searching  to manifest this further and hit the jackpot.

 I have really rediscovered how much of a blessing embracing the creation of music. I have been doing it in small spurts along my path and will now no longer hold back in doing so. I will sing, play and dance.

 We have a guitar and I now have some music, lyrics and heart songs to sing, so watch this space.

The ironic thing about this is my dad is a musician and master of the guitar – I ask myself…..why did I not learn?  It doesn’t matter because I am the instrument.

It is because he nurtured and encouraged my voice. There have been glimpses along the way of me breaking myself free, being courageous to share and be vulnerable. I now also see where and how this light within me was dampened too and where, why and how I slowly wilted like a flower that’s undernourished or has its source of power taken away.

We are all such potently powerful people. I  Step into the light, take each step, one by one.

 You can do it. We can do. I can do it. Oh wait…..I am doing it!

I also realise there are others singing the truth of our collective souls.

 Thank you!!! I am eternally grateful.

There is this thing that’s like touching except you don’t touch
Back in the day it just went without saying at all
All the world’s history gradually dying of shock
There is this thing that’s like talking except you don’t talk
You sing
You sing

Sing for the bartender sing for the janitor sing
Sing for the cameras sing for the animals sing
Sing for the children shooting the children sing
Sing for the teachers who told you that you couldn’t sing
Just sing

There is this thing keeping everyone’s lungs and lips locked
It is called fear and it’s seeing a great renaissance
After the show you can not sing wherever you want
But for now let’s just pretend we’re all gonna get bombed
So sing

Sing cause it’s obvious sing for the astronauts sing
Sing for the president sing for the terrorists sing
Sing for the soccer team sing for the janjaweed sing
Sing for the kid with the phone who refuses to sing
Just sing

Life is no cabaret
We don’t care what you say
We’re inviting you anyway
You motherfuckers you’ll sing someday

Songwriters: Amanda Palmer

Sing lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

ArtistThe Dresden Dolls

AlbumYes, Virginia…



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