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Intuitive Living – Inspired by The Little Sage

Ask my Spiritual Soul Source for a theme for the month.

I chose to go to my random deck of cards which is a blend of all my spares and cards I choose to gift to people, if I feel so inclined.  They consist of Angel cards, tarot, Elementals, God/Goddess and Ascended Masters.  The card that I received is Green Tara – Sensitivity.
White Tara - Sensitivity - Doreen Virtue Goddess Cards

Daily Goddess Card, From The Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D: White Tara

White Tara ~ Sensitivity: “You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations, and chemicals.”

Message From White Tara: “As you have purified your inner world of thoughts, actions, and intentions, it’s natural that you seek purity in your outer world as well. This is to acknowledge your heightened sensitivity, which is as real as it seems! you have stripped away the outer protective layers of unneeded defenses, which blocked your psychic ans spiritual awareness. Now you are on the path of ascension, which calls for your heightened awareness. And with this awareness does new levels of sensitivity to the impure and harsh. Your body is a trust worthy instrument of measurement of your tolerance level. Steer clear of that which your body signals you to avoid. Take excellent care of your body, and it shall serve you well!”

Various meanings of this card: Acknowledge and honour your sensitivity. take steps to protect yourself from negativity. Avoid chemicals. Steer clear of situations with loud noise, crowds, violent media, and other triggers.

About White Tara (pronounced Tair-uh): White Tara is an aspect of Tara, a female Buddha and Hindu Mother Creator. The many female faces of the Buddha and Mother Creator are represented as various colours of Tara. White Tara represents purity, maturity, and compassion. The eyes on her hands, feet and forehead allow her to be aware of all prayers. She helps us to live long and peaceful lives.”*

*The Goddess Guidance Oracle Card Deck, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

This is so very relevant to where I am in this present moment.  I have been having waves of feeling extremely sound sensitive but also wanting to sooth myself with music and singing.  As well as choosing to block out noise that is grating on my ears by using ear plug headphones and listening to soothing, affirmative, positive energy charging music, such as this

Gracious Madre

Beautiful – Imani Uzuri


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