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Aloha beauty ones,

It really is not of great significance now what our beliefs are, aside from the facts that as a collective species on this planet, we are and have been experiencing unprecedented events that we could not have ever imagined. 

For many this year has been one of turbulence but one of many great heights in contrast of experience. I for one, can vouch for this.

On a personal level, which in the great scheme of things is only significant due to the energies that are accumulating and shifting. In regards to my own personal experiences and how I choose to move through them determines that which then creates the ripple effect caused by my actions. To then be aware that consciously or subconsciously the ripples are also the waves that unify in the collective and are amplified. We all have choice, there are some who are doing some very great inner work, (this is where it is at) for self mastery. Love is the key. Cleansing and clearing stagnant energies within our ancestral lines, our bodies systems, our minds, our emotions and finely tuning into that awakened aspect of self, that simply knows what is truth. Quantum states of consciousness is exponentially expansive.  

Well…..this is how it has been for me and I too am also witnessing in others.

I could go into story here and share of my experiences but you have your own to draw on.

Id love to know if you resonate or if you’d like to know more?

As it so happens, this video came across my path this morning and I trust that all things occur, happen and are bought into our awareness for a reason and chose to listen. There were many moments throughout that prompted me in that I needed to share it, as there would be those who are also called to listen.


Honestly, I highly recommend listening and do so with an open heart and with no judgment, as I am sure you will get something of value out of it. I know I have. Not only has it prompted me to dig deeper into my own shadows, it also gave me a deep sense of relief and confirmation of what I know in my heart and of my own experiences that is of deep resonance. Also though, reminding me of what I do not know and to remain open to this. There is so much that we do not know. What I find helps me, is to trust, surrender, have faith and breath. Always come back to breath, with focus on my heart. Our heart knows the truth but when our focus is here, we have the capacity to finely tune into our own heart resonance, our own truth, our own inner knowing which then leads to an expansiveness. Due to the inward nature of going deep into our own hearts, our own wisdom, there is a slowing down and deeper presence of awareness. This is where I find is the feeling of expansiveness. Dive deep into the mystery of the heart. I am not saying that this is for everyone, as I also understand it is not and those who are called, who hear the call, will create the space to resound this information with their own hearts.

Much love from my heart to yours

Mele Luna xo )0(


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