Elements of Flight
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Hello fabulous creators of the world,

Today I finished this art piece here.  I am posting it even though I am not 100% sure that there is a little more to go on it.  I know it is far from perfect but with the imperfections it does have, I feel it is exactly how it is meant to be at this stage and that is quite perfect.

Elements of Flight

“Elements of Flight” ORIGINAL Art work by Melanie Hughes

This piece is titled “Elements of Flight”.

It is a mixed media piece created on size A3, 300gsm water colour paper.
The underlying message it portrays is connecting deeply with the energies of the ancestors of our lands, to the dreaming, nature and the colour and symbolism that connects to feminine and masculine energies creating balance.  The bird, which carries the energy of the magpie, brings the medicine of motherhood.  It is nurturing and embracing the heart. The native woman, in her essence is Divinely Female. The symbol of the waning moon is indicative of a time to release ‘shadow’ self.  The balance of the masculine I feel comes through in the colour choice by its reference to and linking with emotional anatomy within the central energy centres of our body. The Chakra System.  The colour orange relates to the sacral chakra which is within the mandala halo.  I feel that by the use of this colour, that it ties everything within this art piece together.
The mandala meaning is (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) and is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe.
The yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra.  The blue tones to the throat chakra and the purple/violet tones to the crown chakra.  Which in relation to chakras are all masculine in their essence which ultimately creates that tone of balance with all of the symbolic aspects beings so feminine.
I would love to share with you that any of my artwork is available for sale.
There is a link to my instagram account on my website home page where I post most of my completed works.
I am also offering to create intuitive art for you.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.

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