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Today, 8.8 (8 August 2020) is the opening of the Lions Gate Portal. 

The peak position of this powerful stargate opening occurs as Orion’s Belt moves into direct alignment with the Pyramids of Giza. 

Our beautiful blue pearl of a planet, this gorgeous Earth and our solar system is being flooded with streams of Light from the Galactic Central Sun. 

This is activating Light Codes within us for our ascension and as a cause and effect what you may be experiencing is an enhancement of your visions, dreams and Clair abilities. When we tune in and open our hearts we are reactivating these Light Codes within us. This wisdom is innately within us though these Light Codes are activating and reawakening, reprogramming if you will, our DNA 🧬.

What this reminds me to remember is one of the first principles of the Ancient Hawaiian Philosophy of Life known amidst the traditional people’s of those lands the wisdom learnt through millennia and passed on through the Hunas and to the people’s; IKE – The World is what you think it is, be aware. I feel that this is universal wisdom. Just as our traditional land owners, the indigenous to our country knew to live simply and to synergise with the Earth, stars, and beyond. It is now that we too must embrace this way of living with Mother Earth.

When we are aware, we open to our natural abilities, our senses become alive and we can receive information in ways beyond the confines of what we are taught in how to be. This higher wisdom is accessible to us all, it’s so much bigger than what we can possibly even imagine. 

So be aware of the messages, signs and symbols being directed through these streams of light that are cascading into our solar system, so that you may be open to receive, this love, this Light streaming in.

Open the heart to receive. Call it in.

You may be seeing or experiencing floods of synchronism. Such a numbers 11:11, 10:10, triple numbers, sequences, or messages and words through sound or music or being in the right place at the right time. Information showing up just as you need it, or people calling as you think of them etc. This could also be occurring in the subconscious state of dreamtime too. Dreaming of someone and them hearing from them or seeing them the next coming days.

Sudden beginnings or endings such as in relationships, patterns, behaviours, feelings, changes and needing to learn new ways to do or be and/or having experiences such as that you’ve already been here and done this before; Deja Vu. 

There is also the clarity of consciousness, enhanced intuition and psychic abilities that are peaking like never before. Ways to enhance this connection is through daily ritual, ceremony, prayer, gratitude, automatic writing, connecting in nature, meditation, artwork or basically doing what lights you up. Remember how important it is to laughter. Laugther is the epitome of joy and deep connection with the heart chakra, which also allows us to open even more. So a daily practice of laughter yoga could very well be the ticket. If you haven’t tried this, then do. It’s so much fun, relieves stress, reduces depression, boosts immunity and in general creates a more positive thinking. The mind does not know that we’re faking it and laughter increases our dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphin levels which naturally enhances our immune system. Who knew, laughter could be the simplest of medicines and better still its free.

Here is a little clip of a laughter yoga experience. You may like to give it a try. Laughter Yoga.

Your creativity may also be feeling alive and as such, you are feeling inspired like never before with streams of ideas and ability to do/create has superseded your prior ability. This in turn creates a feeling of elation and an inner power that you also possibly have not experienced before or you may have and just not known that you are actually tapping into Source energy. Your higher wisdom that is connected to the collective streams of cosmic consciousness. That streams through you, through your energy centres. Everything has a torus of energy flowing in and around it.
To learn more, click here: – Torus of energy link

Be aware of your dreams and what arises for you. Record them for they also may become prophetic for you or reveal to you more about yourself. 

Also understand that it is a there is potent potential that is within your capacity to instantly manifest and alter your reality or bend time. What may have seemed like 15 mins was really three hours or what seemed like forever was only a minute. Or to think of something and then it actually occurs. Of course, that may not always be the case, it helps that energy is directed, so movement as well as intention is required to activate this energy to bring it alive so to speak. Though the power of heart does perform miracles too. If you have never seen nor heard of heart math you may be excited to know that the power of the heart can also benefit your health. So here is another link for you to check out. It’s a goodie.

Connect deeply with your breath, connect with the Earth, the ocean, the sky, THE SUN and dance, laugh, play and remember to experience the freedom of simply being. 

The Light is within us all, just open your heart 💜 

May blessings and blissings reign upon us ALL.

Much love

Melanie Jane Hughes

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