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Prof.Arnold Ehret
Mucusless Diet Healing System

What does reclaiming your health look like for you?

I would like to share with you what it is that I am doing exactly right now and the purpose of me doing what it is that I am doing and why.

On Monday, 5th September I began my next fasting journey toward healing and living mucous free.

What I have come to understand is that, there is so much information out there on fasting and what it is to be healthy in retrospect to having a healthy diet and lifestyle.

I also feel that this is very much belief, perception and experienced based as well as a lot of data on what is scientifically proven. Albeit, it can be overwhelming and confusing and sometimes I feel taking action is the only option. As we don’t know what we don’t know.

I am choosing to reclaim my health in this way as a way to rebuild my temple (my body) from the inside out. As much as this is a preventative measure for dis ease, I am not only healing on a cellular level but in all ways, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This way of life for me is also a proclamation to myself of my commitment and dedication to me. First and foremost to heal my self worth and to fully trust myself, my inner knowing and in my capacity for great things by utilising the immense strength I do possess.I would not be at day four this time without it. I am doing this for me, not for anyone else but to prove to myself I AM STRONG, I AM AMAZING. I am no different to anyone else because if we so choose, we can.

I really don’t want to get into story as to what led me here because the past is the past and I choose to no longer get bogged down by “the story, my story” for I am bringing into my life a new vibration of what I do want for myself and my health. I release, I surrender, I let go of what no longer serves me so as to create space and welcome in the new. What matters is RIGHT NOW!

I do understand that my story could be relative and relevant to share it for those of you who have experienced life as I have or similarly but I am choosing to allow. I give myself permission to love and accept me and consciously choose what I put in. I am breaking the cycle. 40 days is my aim. Day five is where I am at today


I also want to be a role model for my children, in that, if they decide that they want something, that they CAN do it. Nobody else can do it for them, it is an inside job. I am learning all the while. So so much. I have had some health issues that I have been doing my best to heal and feel as if I have made so much progress through all the work I have been doing, with Ka Huna bodywork, acupuncture, psychosomatic therapy, art, counselling, physio, and plant medicine. Yep, its been quite a journey and progressive but its made me realise how powerful mother nature is, with what she provides, through the elements, and source of plant foods.


I did not want to be someone who waits til my body is fully broken, breaking or incapacitated (I was at times in so much body pain) before I create positive change for my health. This world is such a beautiful place and now I fully understand importance of coming back to roots. To wipe the slate clean and bring my body back to a state of health, that is the stripping back of the layers, and shedding the waste and toxins from my whole body, and again, the healing is in all ways.

A beautiful soul sister, and dear friend, Amrita inspired me by the changes I witnessed her living through. She actually saved her own life, that is how significant this work is. Her whole life changed, and in many ways, there are many aspects of her that are a reflection of me. I knew I was ready, but didn’t know the how, until one of my dearest and closets friends Natalie bit the bullet and dove in. Inspiring me all the more and making it possible as she guided me, along and paved the way as I journeyed into my first 12 day fast. That was a phenomenal learning and stripping back, to the point of being in awe of myself and what it was that I was learning.

Id like to share Amrita’s story with you as I am finding there are more and more like this.

Here it is…..

“For some of us it takes for our health to get to a very uncomfortably sick place until we ‘wake up’ and realise we need to make changes.

For me I had been getting by for a long time feeling tired a lot of the time, my legs felt like lead, and I had a number of health issues that didn’t stop me in getting by day to day so I just ignored them. I would sort them out at ‘another future date’ when ‘the time was right’ … maybe living with aches and pains and fatigue is just what getting old is about ….at 33 years old!!


Then my life changed when I became very ill ending up in hospital with wild heart palpitations, blackouts and a fatigue so deep I could barely get out of bed. I was placed on medication and scheduled for an operation on my heart. This felt all so wrong to me.

I began to research natural ways to heal heart health & chronic fatigue and for the first time I began to see that the body is a holistic organism. That my heart issues and chronic fatigue are connected to gut health, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalances, blocked lymphatics. And so began my journey to TRUE health.


And so is the saying…..


“When the student is ready the teacher appears” and how ready I was to not be feeling on deaths door anymore!”


Now back to me, here in lies where I discovered mucus free living.

I thought I knew a lot about healthy living as I have journeyed through different phases, from the modern day western diet of pyramid eating to 30 banana’s a day for 30 days, to 100% RAW VEGAN, to vegetarian, fruitarian, as well as trying high meat protein diets to completely doing a back flip from vegetarian to 8 months of eating meat as I was conditioned to.

 I had to ‘unlearn’ what I thought i knew about health, food, vitamins and supplements, lifestyle and exercise for healing.

The major supports for me are:

* Alexandra Schwenn’s closed group page LIVINGmucusFREE

* Amrita Devi’s closed group page LiveYourNectar-Mucusfreeliving


*Dr Robert Morse talks on youtube.’

* The Masterfast System, closed FB group

This process is focused on removing OBSTRUCTION from the body, emotions & mind (toxins, acidity, mucus cemented into our cells, gut and organs) rather than ADDING more nutrients, supplements, superfoods (putting good on top of bad). The body knows how to heal when we get out of the way, and when we actively remove the obstructions blocking our system then the body can do its work.

The core of our illnesses is from MUCUS which is created when we eat foods that irritate the body enough for it to form mucus to protect against it. Once in a while its fine but we have been eating out of harmony with nature for possibly our whole lives (and inherited bodies with already compromised systems from our parents and ancestors). This mucus then solidifies in the body. Blocking our bodies ability to remove waste, keeping us numb emotionally, keeping our mind in low frequencies and ultimately keeping the infinite pool of life source from flowing effortlessly through our being. Our body and mind (and frequency) is so deeply connected there is no doubt in this when we experience removing obstruction from the body.

I experienced this profoundly on my last 12 day fast.  In a nutshell, I had a dream, that was food related but the there was a deeper wound there around a particular relationship with a family member. I didn’t realise until I was relaying the dream, and it dropped in as to why I had dreamt that and what the lesson was. I was feeling fine in my body until my back gave out on me during a body work session. I couldn’t reach out, bend or walk without pain. The following day I was soooo emotional, it was flowing out of me like waves crashing down, deep deep sorrow, being washed away. So I decided I needed to have another bath and forget about all of the pressures I was putting upon myself of to do lists. I had another hot as I could handle magnesium bath but this time, every 15mins, had a freezing cold shower for three rounds. I couldn’t believe how good I felt afterwards. At this stage I wasn’t able to go to the toilet without being assisted by an enema. The day though was another story. I had to race to the toilet cause it felt like I would release before I made it. I then rid my body of two 50cm lengths of mucoid plaque.

We need to move into detoxing our bodies at a pace dependent on where we are at right now, physically and emotionally. Slowly, slowly…as along the way the learning journey is huge, and we need support to understand what is happening (the healing crises symptoms) and the emotional challenges as long repressed feelings begin to emerge to be healed for the issues are in our tissues.

I am actually so proud of myself for where I am at now and I know that those 12 days, as challenging as some parts of it were, gave the motivation to do continue.  As the growth and learning incurred on the way far out weighs any negative feelings or painful experiences I was to have. Mucous free living and detoxing is now in my realm of understanding for what I have experienced to date and though I am not yet in a space to say I am giving my all for the rest of my life, I can say, I am RIGHT NOW! For the present moment is what counts afterall as that is where I am. Here. Right now!

It has definitely changed my view for how I wish to live my life as I am expanding in my awareness, with tools in my toolbox to aid me in navigating and releasing old patterns and ways of being.

I do feel like a little baby though, still taking baby steps as this is actually still very new to me.

I began my transition to mucous free living in mid June 2018, so far:

* I have an abundance of energy and at this point having no cravings at this point.

* my hip pain is pretty much obsolete and I am feeling strong in my base

* I don’t feel constantly bloated nor do I have an achy belly, general discomfort or pain.

* i have zero pain when it comes to my moontime, during, pre and post.

* I have shed about 10kg weight (waste)

* I have struggled my whole life with unworthiness – now I deeply KNOW my beauty, my gorgeousness, my worth.

* My mind feels clear, no more confusion.

Life still goes on, with emotional ups and down and the lessons/challenges are inevitable just as change is especially with a family, business and relationships but there is a foundation of clarity to view life from.

If you are ready, willing and prepared to surrender to self in a loving, wholistic and open way, that is nothing short of commitment with flexibility then you may discover a new you, you never thought possible to ever know.

This way absolutely heals and gives a true sense of fulfilment from a cleaner, clearer mental, emotional, physical and spiritual capacity. I feel I am living what is true for me and am following a protocol to compliment this fast and my healing. I am being and taking action, walking my talk. I was fed up with visits to the doctor for scans, blood tests, ultrasounds to get some answers and all that resulted in was, here have some steroids and take this prescribed medicine but you will have to take them for the rest of your life.

Ummmmmmmm, no thanks.

I am not saying that conventional methods do not serve because sometimes they do but more often than not, it is also just a mask and is treating disease that has reached a point of being life threatening. The disease and knowledge of “IT” is highlighted but there is no further information on how to change or prevent this in a way that is natural to our wellbeing, nor does it get to the root cause of emotional trauma, or how the impact of a lifestyle can be detrimental to overall health, including negative patterns or ways of being.
We have so much availability to controversial ‘Scientific” evidence that are time and time again, debunked.

I really hope that this information continues to grow in the wealth of knowledge that it provides to those who are willing to put in the effort and do the work.

There are some very informative and dedicated people living a mucousfreelifestyle who love to share their knowledge via videos, articles and information.

Mucous free living, detoxing and the emotional journey of healing the temple of my soul is where it is at for me and I am in such deep honouring and gratitude to my mentors, and beautiful friends who have held my hand so lovingly in support and encouragement to be here.

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