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Cloud Walker NefelibataWhen I discover things I want to know more about it also leads me to want to sure especially when I find the meaning so relevant to my life and ways of being.

I discovered this word through a friend and thought to myself, “I know it means something significant as she is a very wise woman and one I respect significantly for she has endured much on her path.”

So be it, I looked it up!


What an interesting word indeed.

Here is what I discovered and it is so relevant to me, on so many levels.

Definition: A cloud walker; One who lives in the cloud of their own imagination or dreams, or one who does not abide by the precepts of society, literature, or art; An unconventional, unorthodox person.

Pronunciation: ne-fe-LE-ba-ta


Nefelibata is a Portuguese word derived from “nephele” (cloud) and batha (a place where you can walk). It is one of its kind. It doesn’t have a kindred soul.

Why this word?

It actually sounds like a synonym for maverick, but I think one would take umbrage if you called them a maverick. This word actually minces the severity and intensity veiled in the word maverick and thus can be used as a euphemism for it. Besides maverick, it can also be used in lieu of all the other words that insinuate “unorthodox” behavior. There is also an inconspicuous beauty hidden in the word which gets unfurled when you enunciate it.

How to use the word nefelibata in a sentence?

Nefelibata can have a positive as well as a negative implication.

A creative person, who remains embroiled in his/her imaginations, transcending all the conventions and laws, could be called as a nefelibata. But also, an intractable person who stays involved in insignificant things, too, could be called as a nefelibata. Its usage completely depends upon the activity in which the person is involved.

“I was trying to teach him the basics, but he, being a nefelibata, didn’t give heed to my words.”

“We all knew that that nefelibata would do something big in his life, and here he is, juggling multiple businesses.

Here is to hoping that someday I make it big in juggling my multiple businesses.

Info sourced via Google at unusedwords.com

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