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Relationships – Connections – Reflections of Self

I wrote this two weeks prior to my website launch date and really felt like I wanted to share this with you.

These wonderful thoughts greeted me as I was out on a morning walk in the beauty of Mother Nature.

It was a glorious day, with sunny patchy sky that met with the contrast of fluid fuelled clouds.  I began the first leg of my walk with my children as I walked them to school.  This photo on the left was of my daughters appreciation of this bloom she picked.  I loved the significance of how it symbolised our connection with Mother Earth and relating with one another by the joining of our hands.

In solice I continued the rest of my walk home once I parted from my cherubs.
I noticed beautiful green patches of foliage, where the moistness of recent rainfall and its dampness on the earth enhanced all the scents around me.

When I am feeling like I am in alignment and in flow, there is one of two things that can happen within relationship dynamics.  First allow me to elaborate a little bit as to what it is like for me when I am in feeling like I am in the flow.

I have to share from a personal perspective as that is all I have to go by in my experience.

I have felt like I have been very heart centred, and experiencing extreme joy, gratitude and love and I felt like spirit, my higher self has been directing itself through me by way of deliverance of my gifts.  The gift I receive energetically through my artwork and bodywork. I feel like it simply turns up and I am unattached without an agenda.  That is the best way I can put it.  It is following my intuition and trusting.  A trust I give to accepting and allowing of all of my senses without any judgement.

I consciously chose to change the direction of this flow, to challenge myself.

I decided to pick up the slack from where I had been stagnating for quite some time, and give myself the kick in the seat. That which, was required to get on top of building my website, completing the content and setting a launch date.  I still haven’t let the cat out of the bag and made it official yet publically because that would make it too real at this stage.  I have a huge amount to do.
In a way, I feel like I have redirected the flow that I was experiencing with my artwork, into making this deadline that I have set myself.  The 30th of April, 2016.

I am working in collaboration with another amazing soul, for whose help I couldnt be more grateful for in creating this website and feel like I am kicking goals.  So back to the two dynamics that can be reflected through relating.

It is quite basic, but comes down to action of choices, but more so, the re-action of the re-lating within the partnership and the simplicity of two states of presence, or response (the choice) which is LOVE or FEAR based.  Ultimately it begins with SELF.  Self Relating.

Fear = feelings that result in a fight, freeze or flight response which is a physical response to mental and emotional processes that are felt within oneself, usually the gut.  Our centre of ‘Power’.  Within our emotional anatomy this is the energy centre called the solar plexus chakra.  Where we have ‘The Right to Act resulting in The Right to Be Here’.  The third chakra says, I am what I do and represents our identity.  When our sense of self/identity is being challenged, the EGO gets in the way, which creates a FEAR based response.

When you are showing up, are in alignment with your truth, and are in the flow, and living your passion, it potentially has the ability to trigger the other person within a relationship dynamic.   This can either make or break the relationship but there is also the element required of needing to look at oneself and own what feeling is yours and what is not.

If those two people within a relationship are not vibrating at a similar state of being of reaching their highest potential and tapping into their Divine Source whereby they would be centering themselves around their heart – LOVE!  Love being the duality of Fear.  Then a shift occurs that will create disharmony within their energetic fields resulting in an unbalanced state of being.

This vibrational shift occurs because one or both in the relationship are out of alignment and not living their truth.  Whereby they will easily be triggered to create this disharmony so there is movement to create change.  They will move together or Apart.
When somebody is in alignment and living their truth, it has the potential to trigger the other person into one of two of those ways of being (LOVE-FEAR).  Love, where they will strive to bring out the best in themselves to reach their potential and be the most that they can be because this is what is being reflected back to them, in you and your vibration.  Or it can trigger the opposite, being FEAR based, which looks like jealously, anger, frustration, doubt, envy, shame, sadness, or despair.  They may want to become combative or retreat within themselves or leave altogether.  Unless there is a willingness to move in a direction that is conducive to the relationship or want for growth within oneself, the change needs to be moving away from the relationship to instigate growth.

Relationships - LoveBasically what it does is creates a shift.  So if the other person isn’t in alignment with their truth, generally it will be the negative response.  This can actually create growth within the relationship if both individuals are committed to taking on board being responsible for SELF and going within and owning their own responses by acknowledging where the fear is actually coming from.  Usually it stems from a place of lack within the individual who is being triggered, so growth of SELF CENTRE is required to move beyond the Fear based EGO response.

I just wanted to share these thoughts and what I have been reflecting on in my life.

We are in a relationship with ourselves first and foremost.  When you are in a relationship with another, I would just like to share that sometimes it can be a challenge to remain centred and in your truth.  When you feel you are in alignment, the reality is that you could really be off balance.  You know you are if you feel you are being thrown a curve ball that is going to hit you sideways and knock you off your perch and it succeeds.  Go within and sit with what arises because that is where the growth and learning will come from.  Come back to yourself.  Offer whatever it is, that you notice, that doesn’t feel right within you back up to the universe.  By giving it up, to the Highest Source of your Being, in the space of complete surrender and letting go, you can find the space of resolve by shining LIGHT on it.  With the ability to Recognise it for what it is and Surrender to it.  Allow yourself to just be with it and bring your awareness back to your body.  Send it love.  Give yourself Love.  It is all energy.  It will just naturally flow in the direction that is truly in alignment with your soul and reach a space of resolve.

Right at this point…..I had a little lizard without a tail cross my path…..then at the instant I looked up, a butterfly flew into my face.

It is all about survival isn’t it?

Striving to survive being human and in this mind body soul. Making the most of what it is to be whole.  Spiritually, vibrationally, having peace of mind, feeling peace in your heart, feeling emotionally peaceful…..

Anyway I would also like to add on my response to what it is that I was noticing happen within my relationship with self and all relevant dynamics.  I recognised that I felt the need to experience some body work and I felt strong energies within me that were bringing me to a point where I was feeling waves of emotion, that were not necessarily triggered by anything and this I could feel was moving me out of alignment.

I am so grateful for the gateways that bodywork or Soul work can offer.  What it was that I realised during my body work session is that I was feeling there was a lack and precisely where it was presenting in myself and in my life.  One of the thoughts that process revealed, came from the feeling I had where I longed to feel really really really loved and nurtured in all ways that are soft, loving, gentle and intimate.  I recognised that what I am feelind a reconising within myself, I actually feel is missing from my relationship at this present moment.  Reflecting on that, it is exactly what I am NOT giving myself.  I am not wholly loving and nurturing my own body the way I want it to be loved and nurtured by another.
Energetically I was 100% out of alignment in my relationship with myself even though I was flowing in other areas of my life.

There was no balance between the feminine and masculine aspects of myself, which were presenting  in my life.  So with this awareness that I have acknowledged I have now been able to put into place changes to create another shift of vibration to bring myself back into alignment.  It was all the process of receiving bodywork that I was able to recognise this.  For this realisation I am so grateful.  Grateful for having the release of energy stuck within me.  The release of emotion that wracked my bodies’ energy centres (chakras).  I really felt this vibrational movement rippling through my body, predominantly within my solar plexus/sacral regions and throat chakra.  As I gave myself permission and allowed this emotion to flow through, the intensity really hit a pinnacle within, giving rise to an awakening and realisation that only one discovers through going deep within oneself.  Focusing on my breath, the release I experienced through my entire body felt like an explosion of sorts.  I felt it vibrate all the way into my hands, that tingled and felt surges of power source wanting to eject at those points.  I was shaking off my hands in an attempt to expel this energy.  There were loads of tears, cries of noises that I didnt recognise as being from me, being emitted from me.  This bodywork experience resulted in feelings of rejuvenation, gratitude, a heart swelling abundance of love and so much peace.  After a good night sleep and a gorgeous walk in nature, I felt the need to share these thoughts and experiences with you.

I will never know if sharing this could help somebody else.  Even if it is just for another to have the realisation of what it is to be a free thinking, feeling, moving, meaning making machine of a human.  We are all the same.  We all move through shit and we all move at our own pace.  It is constantly evolving and constantly changing because we are vibrational beings.  With every thought we are creating, before we have even had that thought, our heart knows.

I loved the confirmation that connecting with nature gifted me with by way of the butterfly and lizard medicine, not only that Crow was with me too…..but one of the most significant was right after I hit a plateau, after conquering two massive hills.

See the picture above?  The one with the tree and the sign underneath.  Wouldnt that make you smile after creating a recording such as this?

I am in solitude, gratitude and bliss.

Signing off…..with love, peace and laughter filled bliss bombs

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