Sacred Soul Art

Melanie facilitates integrative workshops available to those who are wanting to learn the art of meditation to bring that together with the expression of art which is also a form of meditation and expansion.

It is a wonderful platform to facilitate healing or create a deeper sense of being, so that you may bring forth the best form of who you are through creative processes.  The workshops allow you to discover new ways of being, a platform to create change in ways that allow you to acknowledge how you see yourself, but also how others see you.  

Melanie creates a safe place where you are supported and acknowledged through deep understanding and compassion.  The focus of the workshops are to assist you in developing your own creative style, by nurturing your own creative self-centre. Melanie supports these processes by allowing you to play freely but also provides her knowledge on techniques such that you have the ability to create your intuitively guided unique style and art pieces.


Melanie also offers card readings using a combination of oracle cards and intuitive wisdom.  

Please visit her facebook page Earth Angel Gifts where there is a shop available to make these purchases.



Prints of Melanie’s artwork will be made available for purchase through the shopping cart on this website.

Melanie is also available for commissioned artworks.  Please see the Gallery to have a look at some of her creations.  You will also find more of her artwork at social links on Instagram and Facebook at EmbellishURLife

Melanie is deeply passionate about art especially face and body art.  Melanie relishes in how this art form allows her to grow, year after year.  If you havent already, please visit her face and body art website at

Embellish Face and Body Art

Some very helpful websites/stores for art supplies are here on these following links.

The ArtShed in West End Brisbane.

Craft Online

Busy creating

Creating Art - Sacred Calling

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