Body Mind Analysis

Body Mind Analysis (BMA) is a process of documenting observations of a visual assessment.  Such as dominant features that are very obvious within your physical body and each region.

Other features are factored in also such as your body language, body function/movement, and vocabulary.  This is the psycho emotional response.  With all of this data Melanie is then able to create a report, which at times, can occur verbally or Melanie may require some time so as to compile these findings.  Part of this process involves assessing your body shape, then refining findings of body regions/areas and the individual parts, taking note of skin condition, tissue condition, age, skin colouration/temperature, postural alignment, frame size (body archtype) and then interpreting the energy flow relating to the bodies energy centres (chakras).

All of this information can be read from each and every part of your body. In whole form it is called a Body Mind Analysis. Albeit, can also have wonderful outcomes simply by reading individual areas such as the face, hands, feet, and ears.

This all depicts the story that is part of you!

Body Mind Analysis

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