Emotional Release Bodywork

This work is part of the Psychosomatic Therapeutic aspect in facilitating the release of trapped energy stored within the cells in your body.  The issues in the tissues which are often the cause of conditioning, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that are created through what our mind experiences, which most often is through trauma.  The memory of trauma becomes trapped within the cells of the body.

What is trauma?

Most of us think of trauma as an event such as a serious car accident, or something physical, like domestic violence or sexual assault. These are definitely traumatic events. But the definition of trauma also includes situations such as repeated, long-term emotional abuse, or even over-training that can cause the body to lock itself into a specific, recognized pattern. Such as having parents that are chronic alcoholics or drug addicts.  This becomes a subconscious program that is constantly running and the great thing is, is that you have the power to create change.

Noted acupuncturist Nicole Cutler, L. Ac. writes that “Traumas can be considered anything that keep us locked in a physical, emotional, behavioral or mental habit. Recovery from trauma is the process of the body finding balance and freeing itself from constraints. All too often, the recovery process is halted, preventing the traumatic occurrence from completing.”

Eastern medicine and thought have long ago made the connection between our body and our mind. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes this idea one step further with the view that we are all connected to the earth and the surrounding universe. Most Native and Aboriginal cultures recognize the mind/body connection as well as the deeper connection to the universe. Somehow we in the West fell off that wagon, and it’s only now that we’re trying to get back on.

Emotional release massage

Emotional release massage

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