Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy is a journey of one’s Body, Mind and Spirit as it is interconnected as ONE and unites our Soul!

With the tools that Psychosomatic Therapy lends to the process of Body-Mind Analysis, it has the ability to bring awareness to you as an individual by acknowledging and seeing you for the innate positive power you possess, for the realisation in yourself of the unlimited potential.  So that you too can create the life you truly want and desire.

It is a process that allows one to deepen their journey of experience by bringing awareness to what is being presented in the physical body and why it is in the shape it is.  Our body is an amazing machine and at a cellular level has an intelligence and memory of its own.  The health and well being of our mind and body is governed by our subconscious and conscious programming.  Be that how our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences can be observed and how they presents in our body.

As we journey through our ‘psycho (mind) – somatic (body)’ experience of life, our mental, emotional and spiritual purposes and reactions are as one unified, inseparable field of intelligence. We have the Power to breathe life into our Soul.  Our Soul forever continues with the vibration of connection with our Divine Higher Self.  Our subconscious and conscious minds tend to guide as we navigate through playing the field of life.  We can easily lose touch with the intelligence of our Soul if we lose our focus, balance and structure of who we are.  This, in that case, may lead humans to question their individual existence.

We are here in the human form to serve our Soul’s life purpose.  We all have a gift.  That gift is life.  How we bring that gift alive is how we serve, live our truth and life purpose.  We all express this in our own individual ways and seek to strive for the innate state of consciousness from which we all come from.

Are you living a passionate life on purpose, with purpose?
Is what you really want in life, being met and do you know how to bring this into your reality?
If you haven’t found your purpose, that’s okay, you will. After all, it’s your birthright.
Who is the person you want to become?
Are you living a life to be the person you want to be?
If you would like to learn more on how to create yourself into being and living to your fullest potential, Psychosomatic Therapy can really be a stepping stone in bringing to light, all that you desire and more.  All it takes is a willingness to be open to change, as we are constantly in a state of change.
That is evolution as a human being, in body, mind and spirit.
Psychosomatic Therapy can bring you clarity and peace in understanding who you truly are.

Face Reading Example

Face Reading

As you can see her overall face shape is a combination of round and inverted triangle as seen strongly in the picture on the right (her feminine side) indicating that she is highly emotional and sensitive, with a personality that is in delicate balance with a need for grounding.  She is easy going, happy and very sensitive.  She can be easily thrown but balances herself.  She can also be easily influenced but is quick and open minded with a lot of strength and support as indicated here by the bone structure on the right side, the masculine.  She is very intelligent and connected with a big heart.

Her most prominent feature is her cheek bones.  This being in the emotional zone and though representing personal power, indicates an emotional balance with love, compassion and adaptable nature.
The shape of her forehead on her feminine side indicates that she is extremely creative and has innovative new ideas.  It goes wide up into the hairline indicating she is soul connected, with ability for psychic sensitivity, which is enhanced by the finer qualities that she constantly aspires to.  This can lead her at times to altered states of consciousness.  Though she is caring, imaginative, flexible and adaptable, she also knows how to take action.

Her hairline is high and wide indicating practicality and methodical mannerisms.  She is strong and open minded, noting the observation area above her eyes, which is quite wide and open for a broader point of view.

Her eyebrows indicate that within relationships she is intuitive but tends to go straight up into her head to thought processes to relate to people.  Her eyes are balanced indicating an importance to feeling appreciated.   Her left eye is slightly more open as observed on the feminine photo, indicating she feels her world through the heart although she then tends to be analytical of those feelings.  This is supported by her eyes.  Her left eye is noticeably more sloped up at the outside corner which indicates she wants to make the most of life.

Her nose indicates her independence though she can be rigid and mentally stubborn in views as seen in the closeness between the eyes on the masculine.  She has high ideals but she constantly questions her identity.  The bridge is straight and connects right into her mental capacity indicating big ideas and the desire to make an impact but she is unsure how to follow through.

The ears show me that there is an even distribution of energy as they are positioned within the mid zone easily connecting to the three zones of mental, emotional and physical.  The top of the ears are rounded indicating an open and enthusiastic nature.  She has an emotional understanding of others.

Her mouth and lips have a point of sensitivity indicated by the shape of her top lip.  This means she puts a lot of thought and sensitivity into verbalising her emotions.  She also has a high degree of sensuality in her expression and connection at an intimate level.  She is careful and cautious about how she expresses herself as indicated by her small mouth.

Her jaw has strong angles and her chin comes to a point which integrates her sensitivity of expression with the significance of her strength, power, support, determination and willingness to achieve.

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