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What is streaming in, and this information is being received through me, by me, in many ways, is my truth (at least what I am doing my best to decipher and discern through this receptivity of activity) and that I feel to share is this….

During dream state is where I am finding I am being affected the most. Dream state is usually where I receive a lot of info through the subconscious anyway that are from creative ideas through to wading through emotional, mental, physical and metaphysical states of life.

Of late, I have felt this dream state to be stirring up quite a lot of deep seeded emotional old patterns which has been quite disturbing and effecting me by way of getting any decent sleep, though I am resting, it feels quite turbulent as well as my physical pain body resounding these messages. I have been in deep reflection and retrospective of what is arising for me, as well as decoding because underlying these messages (yes messages) is an innate urgency. That I must pay attention and wade through the drudgery of shadows once again so as to illuminate this uncomfortable darkness. I am embracing and welcoming it but it has seemingly been confrontational and confusing as I had thought that I had addressed these old patterns. It has felt to be somewhat in a sense a telling off and get to work shove or kick in the butt from an elder in frustration that I am picking up the cues. I am definitely heeding them.

There is so much to witness and observe, siphon and discern during this current climate we all find ourselves in during this incredible year of 2020. In my own experience there has been so many opportunities and gifts, (we can find gifts in each day if we care to take that opportunity) as equally there has been turbulence and by no means I am living close to the hardships that others may be experiencing. This year has seen so many new beginnings and endings as is the cycle of life which is profoundly slapping us all in the face and calling us to wake up, in some cases forcing change at the hand of others. Calling us to stand in our power, to follow our hearts, as dark as it may seem and/or get.

Look around though, where is the kindness? Where is the love? 

For me, this is the crux of the messages I am receiving.

No matter how challenging, to have faith, be KIND!!! Compassionate and have acceptance for others, even if they do not share the same views/beliefs etc. 

The speed and nature of the stream of information incoming I have also found quite paralysing to some degree so it is here that I begin. 

Writing and sharing is something I absolutely love to do and I have not been doing enough of this. 

One of the messages is to step into who I am and embrace all of me in all ways. As that is really ALL I have to power to do and can be right? Is this the same for you? During this process, be kind, not only to others but with yourself as this seems to be where so much is rising to the surface to be seen, felt, and/or healed. 

To be mindful of the many multifaceted aspects of self can at times be overwhelming. In understanding myself, I do know that overwhelm and stress is a shadow aspect for me. That is where I crumble and want to hide from the world because it all way too much. 

I am sure many can relate to this as well. My body also gives me distinct signs when I am at this point. Like breaking out in hives but this is also relative to call me to look at how I am caring for myself, bringing it home to my sacred temple, this ONE life, in all of my humanessity (yes, I just created a new word), as in nurturing, respecting, honouring and nourishing. 

Other times, and rarely, I will even experience getting a cold sore, a reminder that my nervous system, adrenals are under fire and I need to detox my life…..to slow things down and take stock.

Then I question…..”oh, how to slow it down?”.  When it is soooo fucking turbulent, we are all in this whirlpool and speeding up, there is no time to slow down. 

It is a matter of just doing it. No matter what as I have also become innately aware that there is inflammation in my body and its communicating loud and clear, calling me to eat only whole foods (fruit and veg, that is it) and to clean out my system (enemas/colonics).

I even get to a point where I begin to think, what is the point??? Why would I even share this?

It is for me to reflect on and isn’t that enough? Well of course it is, but it may also be something that others can relate to/with, hence why I am sharing with you.

As confirmation of this, I have been listening and doing what is needed and the body pains have changed tune, so I am aware it is shifting and knowing that what I am doing is helping and making a difference.

The other really strong messages that are coming through is to meditate more. 

In one of my dreams, (which I thought was odd) I dreamt of Katie Underwood. I had quite an intense conversation with her and know that the take from meeting with her is to step into my power and do what I love but also to ensure I dedicate a window each day for meditation/singing/playing within the vibrational and frequency arenas.  This needs to be a RULE that I myself, abide by. An ass whipping rule. To deny myself of this is ripping myself off BIG time but not just myself, as it effects ALL and Everything. To focus and not be distracted by the Faff.

As I see her, as living in her Divine Truth, her power, and doing what she loves and is clearly passionate about. The oddity is that she is not someone I follow or idolise but I have respect for. I have come across her during her career path but she has not been someone I have sought out to listen to.

Katie is someone who, to me, clearly has a gift and a love for music and as such has immersed herself into this world that over her timeline here on Earth, I have observed has evolved and taken on quite a different trajectory to when I first came across her when I was much much younger.

Symbolising growth, change and evolution. Where she is at now is something that clearly appeals to me, as well as feel inspired by.

Today, I am taking myself and my children to the beach to play and reconnect ourselves in nature despite the cloudy sky.

What is it that you will do today that is within your creative nature? That can rekindle love and kindness within your heart? That can invoke and create change?

All my love

Mele Luna xo

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