The Essence

The essence in youThe essence in mePours through us with divinityDivinity flows like a riverA river through our veinsVeins within youVeins within meWe share in this lifeLife as vast as the oceanOcean of consciousnessConsciousness so spaciousSpaciousness without identityIdentity of the … Continue reading

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Beginnings Unveiled

I have been quite quiet on the blogging front here but there is a very sufficient reason/s. I have been busy creating. The choice was made in February this year to really step up into my creative artistic self. So … Continue reading

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Simplicity of the Heart

Simplicity of the Heart I have rediscovered how on path I am when I am in my creative flow. When I’m creating art I feel so at peace. See this link to my youtube channel and watch a video which … Continue reading

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