Sweet Dreams
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Part of a dream I had last night was very beautiful and symbolic in so many ways.

DreamsI was watching two humanoid machines beat each other up. Good vs evil. The evil one actually did some serious damage and then the good machine (as it was corrupt and fighting for the greater of all human kind) was put through a computer generated machine rebuilding sequence. Rather than it put all the pieces together, I knew that something would be found within the good machine that the (evil) humans were looking for so they slowed the process of rebuilding so they could strip this good humanoid machine.

I decided I had better get out of there so decided to fly out. I needed to get off the ground to leave undetected. At first I could only fly low, then as I gained momentum and speed I realized if I used my breath and my arms I went higher. I loved the feeling of flying so much that I didn’t want to stop as I knew I wasn’t able to do it very often.
I flew into another room that appeared to be a school where I knew all of these ladies. The were amazed to see that I could fly. They were doing a performance and singing. One that as being recorded so I decided to try and do some tricks. I was spinning and do circles and going around and around the room with such speed. I felt so elated and liberated and also I judged by this group of ladies. I decided to pick up one of my friends and take her flying around the room with me. She loved it and wanted more. I told her she could do it too if she wanted to. She actually didn’t need me.
Then the teacher scared me and said that I needed to show the world what they had recorded. I told her that wouldn’t be a good idea cause they would want to take me in and do all of these tests on me and/or capture me. I recall flying off and was with the teacher. Flying with her outdoors and reached very vast heights unlimited by the space of the theatre room.
I witnessed a robbery of sorts. It was very strange. Two young men had been to a chemist and an older derelict looking man had taken his big jug of purple jelly that contained an illicit substance within it (the jelly was a disguise). That is unless they were sugar addicts. Though their behaviours were very peculiar.
At that point I was at some traffic lights with a shopping trolley full of stuff and was waiting for the teacher to come back as she briefly ran of for a sec. The light went green and I couldn’t wait any longer so I flew off with the trolley but it was too heavy and dense for me to fly with. I recall having the teachers wallet, handbag and phone. I crossed the intersection of the street and she was with me again.
We then had a young person with us and decided to go and have some thing to eat by the beach. When we arrived there, she chose a spot that just didn’t feel right so I went off in my own to find a spot. I was still flying/floating but low to the ground and somewhat vertically rather than horizontally.
I didn’t find anywhere there appealed so I went back and the trolley of stuff has morphed into a truck/vehicle.
The teacher was speaking to two gentlemen who said to were stuck with a problem for a delivery of an antique piece. The teacher so happened to have the pieces they needed which belonged to an old clock which she gave them.
I told her she probably need not have done that and then asked if she even got their phone number. To response of my question, one of the burly men appeared at the window and asked for ours.
Then I woke up.


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