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Harriet - TestimonialsHonestly one of the best experiences I have ever had receiving a treatment ♡ After dealing with a roller coaster of health problems this past year my session with Melanie has been the first time that I have actually felt like there has been some relief. I cant wait for my next appointment ♡ 1.5hr Kahuna massage with Melanie was phenomenal and left me feeling amazing and for the 1st time in a long time I have had an appetite again and have slept through the night waking refreshed and alive. Melanie is magic and so giving, attentive, positive & nurturing ♡♡♡
– Harriet Adelaide
Sarah Marie - TestimonialsI had a Kahuna Massage with Melanie last week and if was positively Divine nurturing, loving, careful and thoughtful. I could tell that Melanie was tuning in to my being with every movement and allowing my High Heart to guide her to where she needed to focus her magical touch Thank you for a truly beautiful experience Wonderful Soul
– Sarah Marie
Today I experienced something truly wonderful, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I decided to treat myself to a 90 minute KaHuna massage, 6 hours later I still feel like I’m floating on clouds! Melanie your hands and your heart are gifts, Thank You for spending the time with me this morning. I will be making sure this becomes a part of my life instead of just a treat! – Marie Therese Yow Yeh


Tara - TestimonialsI had the most amazing experience with Mel! I’ve never been so relaxed or felt so loved during the process. Melanie has an amazing gift. She was able to find energy blocks I never knew I had and help me shift them. I have had an amazing shift in positivity in life in general since our amazing session and highly recommend her to everybody to give it a go. Thank you so very much xxx
– Tara Mills
Natalie - TestimonialsMelanie has a gift, beyond words! She has an amazing ability to tune in with me and acknowledges things that no one else can. She connects in with my body and can sense energetic blocks that I didn’t even know were there. This allows me to release on a deep level and align my energy in a positive new way. Each treatment feels special and sacred.
– Natalie Wagner
Nerine - TestimonialsAWESOME! UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME! This massage is more than just a normal massage. It awakens your mind, body and spirit. I was left with an unbelievably enlightened feeling through my whole body and felt sooo wonderful!
– Nerine Hooper
Briony - Testimonials This was the most amazing massage and spiritual journey I have ever experienced thank you I will be booking every month or even fortnight I highly recommend Melanie.
– Briony Rafter
Roshelle - TestimonialsThis was the best massage I have ever had. The whole experience was just fantastic. Not only does my body feel better but so does my spirit. Thank you so much Mel, you truly are amazing.
– Roshelle Weir

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