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Artwork created by Melanie Hughes

The essence in you
The essence in me
Pours through us with divinity
Divinity flows like a river
A river through our veins
Veins within you
Veins within me
We share in this life
Life as vast as the ocean
Ocean of consciousness
Consciousness so spacious
Spaciousness without identity
Identity of the joining
Joining with out separation
Separation doesn’t exist
Existing because we are one
Oneness in unity are you and I
the gravity of centredness
Centred and whole hearted
Hearts beating so true
True is this Divinity
Divinity in me
Me in you
Our souls reflect
Reflecting one another
Another Reminder of Source
Source of the oceans
Oceans beyond linear time
Time dissolved
Dissolved into liquid
Liquid that flows 
Flows like the river 
River through our veins
Veins full of liquid Gold
Golden rays cascade down
Down and out
Out through tentacles unseen 
Unseen through the veil
Veil thinning the Guise 
Guises all but unneeded
Unneeded to be true
Truth is the essence of you

Written by Melanie Hughes 18/8/2016

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