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To open and embrace the freedom,

thats burning bright white as my light.

In the womb well of my Queendom,

unafraid to step off the edge,

into the darkness of the night.

Forever trusting for that I do know,

all paths I lead are illuminated.

As its me that chooses, I decide,

to go with my flow, my heart leads.

Til the day I’m expired, last breath, outdated.

Live it, breathe it, feel it, trust and be it.

I’ll breathe life force in til I can no more,

expansion from experience as I learn.

Surrender to wisdom from deep in my core,

go within, just BE, ahhh peace,

Living my life til there’s no more to yearn.

From dawn til dusk, sunrise to sunset,

I grasp day or night by it horns.

I ride waves, heart open wide til it’s met,

embrace dark and light, give it my all.

Kissing the Earth reverently with my soul,

connected, my feet do gently walk on.

Nature like her I come from her soil,

I come home to my heart,

when I answer the call.

A terrain, not separate, only as one,

Mother nature’s beauty way,

Meets the sky and the sun.

Soaking in the rainbow,

walk through the archway.

Of matter, Earth, blood and bone,

Fire my Spirit, passion, live it.

My breath, the air and tone,

my life isn’t defined by any limits.

Consciousness of waters course,

through my blood stream.

Beckoning to live my life fully,

heart wide open, daring to dream.

I carry the ancient wisdom,

that courses through my veins.

These waters flow through me,

also programmed through my brain.

Recognize that every thought, word and act,

move within as they do without.

There is already a plan to be exact,

no right or wrong, it will play out.

Though when I honour the fire,

that is burning bright and alive.

Trusting in this life, I will not tire.

Stepping beyond what i need to survive.

As I remember these ancient songs,

within the fibers of my being.

Lit within the core,

by the eye that’s all seeing.

I Honour the elements that which I do hold,

in my heart of hearts,

of course truth will be told.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire,

alone I come in, alone I shall go.

Body, breath, blood, my spirit,

the call to life, breathe.

Go beyond edges, facing my fears,

unchained freedom,

I hear the call of no limits.

Just breathe and surrender,

trust to go beyond.

As my heart touches all,

to embrace you as one.
by Melanie Hughes

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