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***********There is Opportunity here to allow ego to sit on the fence, and remain there but be informed that this post is a Potential Trigger alert**********

Unless you take the time to completely and thoroughly read this in its entirety and go to all of the links provided and listen to the hours and hours of information here, then please refrain from commenting.

There was a post I read on social media, that sparked a well of creativity that wanted to birth into the world as a seed that reaches for the light and warmth of the Dear Ancient, Wise, Grandfather Sun. It burnt with passion and flowed like water through the Earth of my body, this container, this vessel, that holds within it, my life’s blood. Until it does no more in this cycle of life.

I met someone who – on the whole – feels that we would do best to go less rather than more in regards to vaccines. She is now termed and labelled an ”anti-vaxxer” but is she this thing? Though she has projected upon her, the thoughts, feelings and reactions of others around her that result in her feeling ridiculed,  either mocked, shamed, dismissed or bullied, even all of these things. I would say, I have noticed the same trend and it is what I see as being the ego that creates separation. We all have the capacity to meet, if even only at the edges.

How bloody sad this is? Though is it? For at some level, in it, is a lesson, a nugget of gold that is being presented to enrich ones existence, with such abundance. It is merely up to the resilience of the heart and boy oh boy, its capacity and strength is never-ending. As round as the circle, that connects us to our soul, the all seeing eye. What would happen if we took an opportunity to sit and look at our reflection at the waters edge? Looking deeply into this all seeing eye. Meeting with the other. Holding, embracing, contracting, into the stillness, the depths, in the silence. We can see the depths, though in that, remain in the light within this stillness. For we are consistently illuminated by the Light. Our ancient wise elder, the Grandfather.

When we dive deeper beyond the unknown, there is more to be uncovered, discovered, and at times, bought into the light for all to see. Where we can relinquish it and expand beyond the container as it reflects the truth unto all. The truth will always prevail.

There are other times, where it is best to leave it in the darkness and go to meet it there. It is just a matter of whether peace and transcendence of these dark truths are illuminated just by you meeting it right there. Knowing that this too is part of the whole. This can be absolutely terrifying, completely and utterly terrifying but I know I would much rather this, than entering the void of no thing, no light, no dark, no beyond, no within, no nothing. Hmmmmm!

There is one thing that I do know to be true and that is that once I know something that to me feels within my heart to be true to me, that I bend it, shape shift, transform, but I will always know it to be as it is. Does this make it the truth for all? No, it is my truth.

How do we unknow or unfuck something?

Well, we change the perspective, angle, meaning, expand beyond the confines and structure. To do so with purpose and in ways that feel alive for you. Do what makes you feel alive. What we see, experience, is our truth but there are also other truths that are unveiled and discovered in these depths. To change is to inquire, to ask and seek the answers and be open to receive. To be vulnerable, face fear, go to the edges, meet it with a different frequency, change the tune, be of the light. So where we go in the darkness, we are being the beacon of light so we can see. What we see, feel, see, be and do, all matters.
What if we understood that in this clearly seeing with the Light that we be, is enough to create change. So we must be the change that we want to experience.

I am not into public health fascism, but into genuine exploration, discussion and balance. I also lean into acceptance, compassion and understanding when it comes to those who I know are choosing to do what they feel and believe is in the best interests for their own personal health.

I do not readily jump for a jab in the arm, rarely do I ever see the doctor, in fact, aside from health checks, nor do I or have I readily had need for pharmaceutical medication and that’s not to say, I wouldn’t ever require or need to, as I also see that it too has a purpose and can be beneficial in some regards.

I am not against or anti-vaccines (I’d just like to know, that being on the receiving end that it is quantified and proven 100% safe, with many many independent scientific studies).

I have met real people who have been on the receiving end and has resulted in injury/death) myself included. Earlier on in my cycles of revolution. Back when I didn’t know what I do now. 

Thankfully, in my case, I was able to recover my health, though it painstakingly took two years to recover from the immediate debilitating physical effects. I often wondered, how a sweet innocent baby, that receives the same measured dose that I did, would have been effected and not been able to communicate how and what was going on in its body. I have cried for these babies and felt their pain over this, as it is not until we have the feeling sense do we have the ability to actually begin to fully understand as I did, and had learnt from having felt in my own pain and suffering due to the uninformed decision I made. I knew it didn’t feel ‘right’ inside me to choose this either.

I could say, “It wasn’t really my choice, but I did it anyway”.

Though, I did make that choice.

Vibrationally, I created the situation. 

Whereby, upon making my choice, as yes, it was ultimately my choice, I was operating out of alignment to my truth. There was something in that choice served me in some way. The lesson was in the act itself and what resulted in the aftermath. It felt off, foreign to me, as I neglected to finely tune in, with my inner compass and I chose for the sake of fitting in and belonging. I compromised myself. My ego, my fear took the drivers seat, driving me deep down into the abyss, the unknown. Feeling as though I’d be hurting others if I didn’t do it. This got in the way of me being able to truly see and be in my truth. Therefore, I had to live with the consequences. Gold being in this too as it is also a choice to see it differently, as in, I have now had that experience to learn from.

When we do not have the freedom and are feeling threatened by the fear, of our actual existence and survival, we can do and act out of integrity.  Whether that fear comes from our own internal dialogue or that from external sources.

When I made the choice to go ahead and CHOOSE to vaccinate out of fear for my survival, I did not honour my own Source of Divine Wisdom. Not many people know this about me, as I went through this, so silently. Even more fear revealed itself, as it was a fear of being vulnerable and exposed and not understood.

I sucked it up, and am ever so grateful it wasn’t permanent. At the time, I was also very pressured into doing it, without receiving or researching all potential possibilities. Just like I now know to read labels on packaged foods (or avoid them altogether for the sake of my health) to make sure there are not certain ingredients in it that I know through having my own experiences cause really undesirable outcomes. Such as, breaking out in hives after eating blue M&M’s and my tongue going numb. Menial really, but what would happen if I were to ignore these signs and continue doing it anyway? Our body speaks to us, when we listen. It has innate wisdom within its sacred chambers of this temple.

To continue doing the same thing, I see could only result in my condition being  reinforced and strengthened as the natural constitution would weaken under the added pressure put on my system.

This is the same for the planet. The more pressure we put on her doing the same/same will do exactly that. Something has got to give. The way I see it, is we need to come back to nature.

The indigenous people of our lands, know these lands, for they understand the necessity of tuning in and have deep reverence for being in symbiosis with nature.  They exercised the need for stillness as a requirement for their own survival but abundance was flowing as they lived in harmony with nature.

I really feel that this is about awareness and unlearning in a sense. We are so conditioned to BE and live accordingly to what are others’ experiences. Why do what we are TOLD when we know how to be our own inner compass. We need to remember who we are. Our true state of being. This is about us trusting in our own personal experiences, taking responsibility for how we feel, act and what we do and yeah, sure, we can fuck it up too, but next time we know how to do it, or not do it ending in a different result, a new understanding, an expansion toward the Light. 

How can we possibly be the compass for other living beings??? It is said that we have free will and choice.

It is a birth right to have this freedom, is it not? 

When we decide, of our actual existence and survival, we can do and act out of integrity. To lovingly and consciously choose not to harm ourselves, how can we ever really know what making that choice will decide for another? Even when there is conscious intent to not reek harm or wrath unto another being we need to firstly be loving toward ourselves. Is this true?

How can it be, when I am to *decide on, altering my natural state of Being that I am not creating harm to others?

*Interestingly when I look at language and spelling. To cast, to spell, with language, that the words “DECIDE ON” translates to (DE = from; of) 


Middle English < Latin dē-, prefixal use of (preposition) from, away from, of, out of; in some words, < French < Latin dē- or dis- dis-1

(CIDE – killer; act of killing)

Cide – a learned borrowing from Latin meaning “killer,” “act of killing,” used in the formation of compound words:

From of act of killing – we are from, of and act of killing. There is always an end and a beginning. No matter what choose, we create, we make, in deciding, we are all of the darkness, in the name of love, for we live to breathe. Though we are also born from an act of completion, in every living, breathing moment.




We are death. What dies and naturally relents, disintegrates, decomposes, becomes ash, dust, finite.

The beginning and end of a cycle, a circle, that goes round, for in the death, there is also birth. It is one, complete, WHOLE, in the same, contained, as is a body of water; never-ending, infinite, consistently flowing and cycling through nature. As the energetic, current, currency, sea, ocean, rain, aquifer, lake, river, stream, estuary, waterfall, puddle, raindrop, waterhole, creek, teardrop, saliva, blood, juices, to be held, embodied, requiring a form to be contained. When in a state of flow, we have calm and peace. To know and trust, that when we become wild inside and are unable to contain this current, when it needs to break free of its containment and spill out in its overflowing effervescent radius, knowing that wherever it goes, it is not separated for this molecular structure has the ability to morph into all it touches. Enlivening it and enriching it with its abundant wisdom. It perfectly mirrors us, for we can see our own reflection, when we look deep into those waters, the waters that pulsate through the aquifer of our hearts. As we continue doing this dance with life and death. 

Let us create, act and do it with love, kindness, tenderness, softness, and compassion, Be understanding and accept we are all varying in degrees and walking, step after step, through these dimensions and multi-facets of the cellular particles that glimmer in hope, shimmer of light in the dark cosmos that resides in us all. Yes to feeling, but in this feeling, being the vibration of these waters. Ask yourself, what feels better? To feel it, or suppress it? The sheer force of this suppression with eventually result in an explosion anyway so why not honour it and feel it when it presents with the opportunity to expand.

We have the capacity to program these crystalline fractals of light, these waters within us, rainbow streams of colour, frequency, vibration, created by the fires of the brightest sun. Which has the capacity to burn us, bring us to death. As does the suffocating, depths of water. Oxygenate this water, so we can float to the surface upon the breath as we resurface again and again from the deep well of the darkness. Remember, when we feel these feelings, that they alone, are ours, but they have the utmost strength to affect the waters around us. We must finely tune this vessel to the best of our ability, for this ripples out into all of existence.

This has to come into this somewhere otherwise, can it be that we continue in an unravelling spiral, deep deep into the depths, falling into the void, where there is absolutely nothing, it is an abyss, that has far reaches of infinite depth with no end or beginning. So we remain within the circle, doing this dance, with acceptance that we are all and everything simultaneously and what I have unveiled in all of this truth (my Truth) is that it is only in presence that peace can be had.

This is all we have, right here in the current state, in this present Being of this being human.

It is far from being choice, first and foremost, the choice needs to come back to self where we need ask, “will making this choice harm me or my loved ones?” We are often met with dilemmas but ultimately the choice, is to serve what is in the highest good of all, but foremost ourselves, because what use are we to anyone else, if we are fucked and running circles, chasing our tails? 

How do we unfuck ourselves?

No one else can do it for us? 

Though a baby isn’t going to be able to make this choice though, right? For they cannot communicate effectively until they can. 

Or can they? 

When we are finely tuned into the frequency, we do know and that knowing is undeniable in your heart. Our hearts know the answer before we have even formed the thought.

So as parents, we have huge decisions to make, not only for ourselves. 

How selfless do we be in our choices?

We can only know, when we tune into our heart. And our heart will feel, it knows the truth. It is the battery, creating the energy, to generate and pump this blood, our waters, through this incredible vessel, a container for these sacred waters.

Look at HeartMath and the scientific studies proving that the heart does always know. When we are not so hellbent on chasing our tales (incorrect spelling intended) and take the time to be embodied, tune in, feel, be in nature, to be wholesomely nurturing in our nature. Mother Earth has all the answers for us. We know! This is the ultimate truth. The inner compass. Our hearts inner calling to us to tune into the frequencies of our inner wisdom. The wise dome, Mother Earth, Father Sun, the stars, the elements, the planets, the universes. We are it ALL. Not separate at all. 

So how about we be kind, loving and embrace our inner beauty so it can radiate outward like a beacon of light, as does the moon, who reminds us of the darkness, in the still night sky, who always remembers to shine brightly upon us, as she is within us. We are the grandmother, the wise one. Grandmother Earth, the ancient one. Grandfather Sun, Sky, that meets with the Earth, calling all upon her to rise up into the LIGHT! See the beauty in Nature. All of Nature. Look to her, lay upon her with your belly connecting through your umbilical cord, as she feeds you, holds you, nourishes you in your nature, from the Earth, we shall rise again. When we meet heart to heart, sole to soul, walking gently and purposefully upon her with so much gratitude for ALL she gives, asking for nothing in return.

As the serpent, connects its belly with the Earth, plugging in to the wisdom of the core of its being, connecting to the heart of the Earth, all the while, the Sun shines upon it, warming its blood, bringing it back to life until it grows through the next cycle and shedding of its skin.

Here is a link to HeartMath. https://www.heartmath.com

The many moons ago, I recall seeing my doctor of twenty + years, on numerous occasions about the pain I was in to no avail in receiving answers or accomplishing any form of relief. (I still didn’t connect the dots, because why would I???? I didn’t know, what I now know and how can we know what we don’t know, right?

If I could choose what to vaccinate for during my lifetime, it would be so very very different to what is being offered to the worlds population currently. I was vaccinated as a child but so much has changed since then. Even in the timeframe between my first two children it dramatically changed. 

There are definitely things I would love to see cures for and sometimes what is called for is intervention to redirect the course of how the waters flow. There is wisdom in this, though prevention is the key. I understand that this is not always the case either, though somewhere along the ancestral lines, it has been tethered to, captured within the memory of the waters that flow through us. Our DNA, our epigenetics. It is also scientifically proven, that DNA is only 16%, the rest is epigenetic that can be reprogrammed and/or is programmed through our thoughts, words, actions, environment, conditioning and belief systems. When we change our perception of the world, we change the chemistry in our bodies. Ike – The world is what you think it is, BE AWARE.

The simplicity of this is the difference in vibrational frequencies of LOVE and FEAR.

It has been said for as long as I can remember, that it’s not fact unless it has been proven by science.

We are the emanation of our conscious mind. 5% of the time, we function in a state of consciousness. 95% percent is the subconscious program, that is accumulated by data we have accessed, through our environment, behaviour and beliefs. 

Take a look at Biology of Belief.


Life is simple, when we get back to the fundamentals of living as close to the land as we can, whole foods, clean water, breathing fresh air, movement, warmth, sunlight. Being all the shades of black and white, all the grey, hues and colours in-between the heavenly realms of radiant light and deep dark depths of the Earth.

How dull would it be without the vibrancy of all these beautiful experiences in this life?

Like anything in life, there is risk and I am all about facing fears. Being Informed, fully transparent, proven without a shadow of a doubt, that safety measures and precautions are taken to ensure that outcomes for all possibilities be considered. There are also those moments we get swept out to sea, or battered and bruised as we are taken out by the forceful currents of trigger river.

Ask yourself, if this sharing triggers you, why does it so?

It is your trigger, it is resonating within you. Only you have the answers.

Rather than be subjected to 20 bloody shots plus one or 2 extras and top-ups every year, every year! In bodies of people who also know nothing about detoxifying the body, mind and spirit, who do not have full disclosure of ALL of the information to decide. Like a bird flies in the sky, we too can fly like the bird and be free to choose.

I get to decide what goes into my body. I choose, by honouring my own heart intelligence, surrendering and trusting the resonance of this intelligent life form that is not here by mistake. We are here for a purpose, which is to be living on purpose. Such as the Eagle, it sees the BIG picture. It knows what it needs to do, why it here and lives life on purpose with purpose. We own these bodies of ours ……….and I do not wish to kill your grandparents or immunocompromised loved ones. 

To complete this I am going to include a pretty comprehensive documented body of links to Drs and Scientists who are claiming the same thing.

That vaccines are not safe.

Read on if you really want to expand your awareness so that choice comes from the point that you can say without a shadow of a doubt that you can make a full embodied decision due to having all of the information.

Inspired by Eva Dub and written from the heart by Melanie Hughes

Your own GP may not even know any of this or is living in fear, as they know but do it any way. These doctors who have shared in the list, all concur so there has to be a reason why so many doctors have come together to share and resonate with more of the same. Just make them safe is all I ask, and please do not say to me they are safe because if they were, I would not have lived two years of my life in agony.

I am unsure who it was that created this list so if you know, please let me know so I can include their name/link for this incredible sharing that is helping others to be more informed.


I have some great connections … who have blessed you and I with this ….


Being educated gives us the ability to make educated decisions 👁 

“I’m pro choice and anti ignorant”.🕺 

Many people are at home with time to research… this will point you in the Right direction… You’re welcome in advance 💥

























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Doctors who explain clearly why vaccines aren’t safe or effective.

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Hundreds more doctors testifying that vaccines aren’t safe or effective, in these documentaries….

1. Vaccination – The Silent Epidemic – http://bit.ly/1vvQJ2W

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