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Who are you?!?Love Yourself

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.

What are your secrets?

What do you reveal about all of you?

What are you hiding?

What is it that you deny, or lie about, even to yourself?!

What does your mask look like?

What archetype do you identify with?

Are you the bully?

Are you the charmer?

Are you the intellect?

Are you the joker?

Are you the overachiever?

Are you the abuser?

Are you the pleaser?

Are you the do gooder?

Are you the caregiver?

Are you the seductre?

Are you the rebel who is too cool for school/the office/that crowd?

The tough nut?

Are you the performer?

Are you the creative?

Which mask do you wear?

Are you locked in by your ego pretentiously trying to prove something to yourself?

How is this serving you?

How could we know dark from light, if we didnt know the other?

When we project our shadow self, we unconsciously project why we cant be with what wont let us BE.

Here is a link to a site that I have found that may help you explore further into archetypes.


There has been that moment where you ask yourself when you meet or know someone…..
“I wonder what they think of me?”
People could respond positively or negatively, and you might or might not know if they were telling the truth. Sometimes we desire to possess the ability to read another persons mind, but sometimes we have to admit that we feel not to know ourselves at all.  The ability to have the tools available to read face and body is always an added bonus.  Though the point being here, is that when we know and are comfortable with ourselves, the way the world identifies with us, depends on how well we can identify ourselves.

Here you will also find the Personality Test by Myers Briggs to be a helpful insight into discovering the characteristics of your personality type.

My results….

The Developers

Action oriented, Outgoing, Expressive, Hands-On.

Imaginative, Future oriented, Conceptual, Abstract.

Empathetic, Accepting, Warm, Values harmony.

Organised, Systematic, Achievement oriented, Planner.

Big Five Personality Test

My results
Mels Big 5 Graphic




74. Factor I was labelled as Extroversion by the developers of the IPIP-BFFM. Factor I is sometimes given other names, such as Surgency or Positive Emotionality.

Individuals who score high on Factor I one are outgoing and social.

84.  Factor II is labeled as Emotional Stability. Factor II is often referred to by other names, such as Neruoticism or Negative Emotionality (in these two cases interpretations are inverted, as Neruoticism and Negative Emotionality can be thought of as the opposite of Emotional Stability).
67.  Factor III is labeled as Agreeableness. A person high in agreeableness is friendly and optimistic.

84.  Factor IV is labeled as Conscientiousness. Individuals who score high on this factor are careful and diligent.

76.  Factor V is labeled as Intellect/Imagination. This factor is also often called Openness to Experience.


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